The 2018’s List of the 5 Top Rated Garage Cabinets. Choose One You Like the Most!

Is there a man who wouldn’t like to improve his garage? The answer is “no” because we all adore this, and if you are one of us, this text is for you.

I’ve analyzed dozens of the best garage cabinets reviews and considered my experience to make this list, so you can be sure that all the items here are truly the best.

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsMore info
1. Ulti-Mate 1-Door Garage Base Cabinet1. Ulti-Mate 1-Door Garage Base CabinetDisplays an attractive graphite finish highlighted with black trim and brushed chrome legs

  • oversized storage capacity

  • adjustable shelf with 100 lbs

More information
2. Ultimate Partitioned Garage Wall Cabinet2. Ultimate Partitioned Garage Wall CabinetFull radius cabinet profile for custom shop styling and reduced sharp corners

  • unique polyurethane coated cabinet front in

  • designer style brushed chrome handles/pulls

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3. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet Stainless Steel 3. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet Stainless Steel Economical but great-looking answer to your garage

  • high-quality wheels

  • conveniently adjust the shelves to your specific needs

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4. Seville UHD 162344. Seville UHD 16234Providing an economical answer to your garage organization project

  • feature quality powder-coated construction

  • stainless stell doors

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5. NewAge 50404 Cabinet Set5. NewAge 50404 Cabinet SetThese cabinets are ready to hold everything from sports equipment to gardening tools

  • fully-lockable doors ensure that your tools stay safe

  • stain resistant powder-coat paint finish

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But before talking about the best garage cabinets 2018, let’s talk a little about such cabinets in general and about how to choose the one correctly! Read this short instruction — I’ve collected all the things you have to consider.

At first, clean the garage! I’m not talking about cleaning the floor — I mean that you have to remove all the unnecessary stuff that overload your garage.

After that, do the measures. What size of the cabinet do you need? Should it be a very large and tall cabinet? Or is something small and 35 inches tall enough for all your stuff? Here you’ll find both.

Then, you’ll have to choose the material of your future cabinet. The best garage storage systems 2017 are made of three materials: wood, stainless steel, and polyurethane. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Wooden cabinets are very cool — they are quite sturdy (and look amazing!), but a wooden cabinet isn’t the best choice in a cold climate. And it’s very easy to scratch a wooden cabinet.
  • Stainless steel is the best material for the garage storage solutions in my opinion (well, not only in my opinion, of course). This material is extremely hard and strong material, but the corrosion can be a problem.
  • Plastic (polyurethane) and MDF cabinets are cool, too — they are really durable, because polyurethane doesn’t corrode, and they are usually cheaper than all the other cabinets.

Well, I recommend steel, but the choice is up to you only. Here you’ll find steel, wooden and MDF solutions.

Another thing you have to consider is the wheels — the cabinets on wheels are very easy-to-use, because you can easily move them. However, you can find both rolling and not-rolling cabinets on this list.

If you’ve decided what you need, it’s high time to make the final choice. Read these best garage storage system reviews below and decide!

Take a look at the best garage cabinets:

1. Ulti-Mate 1-Door Garage Base Cabinet


It’s the smallest cabinet included in my list, and it means that it’s not a perfect choice for you if you have a lot of stuff in your garage. However, it does also have many advantages.

Despite it’s just a one-door cabinet, the storage capacity is really good, so if you have a small garage, this one would work well. 100 lbs of the loading capacity is a good result.

High quality is another advantage. As all the other Ultimate garage cabinets, this one is made perfectly — the material is very good, and it makes me think that the durability is perfect here. Polyurethane doesn’t corrode, remember that?

It’s quite lightweight (84 lbs or something like 40 kg). The height of the cabinet is just 35 inches — but I can’t say that it’s really a portable garage because of the absence of the wheels, it means that you just can’t move it easily.

I also like the design of this item — it’s quite a futuristic cabinet with dark and grey colors. And the price is very low, so I don’t see why you should skip this product (unless it’s too small for your purposes, of course).


2. Ultimate Partitioned Garage Wall Cabinet


If you need something bigger, pay attention to this one. It’s a 3-doors black cabinet, made of medium density fibreboard — and it would be a really great choice. Let’s see, why.

So at first, it’s really big. You can hide a lot of different stuff in it in order to make your garage cleaner and better organized — there are three shelves (only one of them is adjustable) and the load rating is 300 pounds!

It can accommodate a lot of stuff, seriously. And it looks really cool (especially its handles), plus it’s not only good for your garage — thanks to the design and easy assembling, you can install it everywhere in your house.


3. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet Stainless Steel


It’s bigger, more expensive and heavier than the previous item. But it would be a perfect purchase for a large garage because it’s made of stainless steel, it’s large, tall and it has wheels. What else do you need?

Guess what do you need to assemble this cabinet. The answer is: screws. Yes, you’ll only need screws and 2-3 hours of your time — so it’s a very serious advantage of this cabinet.

But not the only one. 600 pounds of the load rating means that you will not need anything else in your garage — I’m sure that it would be enough for the absolute majority of the garages in the USA!

It’s made of steel, and it’s a very strong material as I’ve said. Wheels make this cabinet even more easy-to-use, plus it isn’t too expensive — so I can say that it’s the best garage storage system 2017. Do you agree?


4. Seville UHD 16234


Another good choice for those who need something big. It’s another large and wheeled cabinet, made of steel — and it’s another perfect choice for your large garage or a workshop.

The load rating is similar to the previous item (600 lbs), and the cabinet is very similar, too. However, this cabinet has a key lock (so you can protect your stuff) and there are 3 doors: one full + 2 segmented ones.

I like the convenience and the cabinet itself. It would fit every garage, workshop or a warehouse, and it’s quite cheap — so that’s definitely the thing you have to pay attention to if you want something great and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

However, if you are ready to spend something like $1,000-$2,000, I have something for you.


5. NewAge 50404 Cabinet Set


It’s a premium cabinet set from the NewAge company — made of steel, with 3100 lbs of total load rating (it’s five times the number for the previous cabinet!), with key locks and the best shelves on the list.

Basically, I have nothing more to say. That’s exactly the thing you need for your large garage/workshop, and it’s ready for daily use, thanks to its perfect finish — it’s almost impossible to scratch it.

The set contains 2 lockers, 5 cabinets, and a countertop, so if you want to rebuild your large garage completely (or if you have a new house with a new large garage), that’s 100% the thing you need. Same is for those who plan to run a workshop.

By the way, there is the bamboo version of the cabinet, but enough words, just look for yourself!

I’ve collected all the types of cabinets here, from a small 1-door product with 100 lb of load rating to the steel 600 lb monsters (and to the premium set that consists of 8 parts). All their advantages are now clear (well, I hope so), so now it’s time for you to make a choice!