Top Parts Washers – List for Bikes, Cars, and Equipment Parts!

Washing in an aqueous solution can be an issue when you don’t have a dedicated wash basin. The reason being that the detergent should be pumped around at a fast rate to provide a good steady stream of liquid that helps eat away at the ingrained dirt and grease.

PhotoProduct nameFlow RateReservoir SizeMore information
1. Torin Big Red Steel Cabinet Parts Washer with 110V Electric Pump, 3.5 Gallon Capacity1. Torin Big Red Steel Cabinet Parts Washer325 GPH3.5 GallonsView on Amazon
2. OEMTOOLS 24804 Mobile Parts Washer2. OEMTOOLS 24804 Mobile Parts Washer264 GPH (4 GPM)4 Gallons max., 2 gallons minView on Amazon
3. BikeMaster Parts Washer3. BikeMaster Parts Washer260 GPH1.5 Gallons to 4 GallonsView on Amazon
4. OEMTOOLS 24803 Parts Washer with Electric Pump, 40-Gallon4. OEMTOOLS 24803 Parts Washer with Electric Pump, 40-Gallon325 GPH325 GallonsView on Amazon
5. Goplus 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer Cart Electric Solvent Pump Cleaner New5. Goplus 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer Cart Electric Solvent Pump Cleaner New5.28 GPM20 GallonsView on Amazon
We decided to look around and test out a few basins, what we can say is that there are three fundamental features that must be present in a good washer, and these features are:

  • Flow rate in GPM; you need a good and steady flow of detergent at all times.
  • Reservoir size; You need a small reservoir to heat at low cost efficiently.
  • Service; you want a washer that can be fixed with replacement parts quickly.

A more detailed explanation of these three options and more are provided at the end of this guide and review.

5 washers we found were the best value for money

1. Torin Big Red Steel Cabinet Parts Washer with 110V Electric Pump, 3.5 Gallon Capacity

Practicality 84%


This is a very compact yet durable washer it is constructed out of steel, and the basin is 18” x 13.5” x 9”. Its size makes it great for cleaning all sorts of small and medium-sized parts.

Flow Rate: 325 GPH (0.5 GPM)

Service:  Torin has multiple partnerships and online collaborations with leading automotive parts suppliers, you can buy all their spare parts online.

Reservoir Size: 3.5 Gallons


2. OEMTOOLS 24804 Mobile Parts Washer

Practicality 85%


This is a nifty carry case washer. It is made of high-density polyethylene and can withstand high impacts and won’t rust like steel. This model comes with side handgrips and a drain plug preventing the solvents from leaking out during transport. The whole unit, when empty weighs 11 lbs., and its dimensions are  26” x 18” x 9.5”

Flow Rate: 264 GPH (4 GPM)

Service; OEMTools is a global brand with part readily available online for all their models.

Reservoir Size: 4 Gallons max., 2 gallons min.


3. BikeMaster Parts Washer

Practicality 85%


This is a small and nifty washer with a nice steady pump, good for cleaning bike parts or small parts. The body is made of a lightweight polyethylene and has a 32” hose attachment for easier manipulation of the stream.

Flow Rate: 260 GPH

Service: Either online or in 4 store locations in the states of OH, NV, GA, and TX.

Reservoir Size: 1.5 Gallons to 4 Gallons


4. OEMTOOLS 24803 Parts Washer with Electric Pump, 40-Gallon

Practicality 83%


This is another fine machine from OEMTools. This time it’s their standing (not so portable) unit, maybe because it holds 40 gallons and that’s not something you haul around with you. This model is made of powder coated 20-gauge steel; the powder coating is to maintain rust resistance. The basin is 44.75” x 20.5” x 35” and comes with a convenient large component shelf and small parts tray, and it weighs 95Lbs when empty.

Flow Rate: 325 GPH

Service: OEMTools is a global brand with part readily available online for all their models.

Reservoir Size: 325 Gallons


5. Goplus 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer Cart Electric Solvent Pump Cleaner New

Practicality 85%


This is a sturdy mobile steel model with a 20-gallon tank that sits on 4 x 4” caster wheels, so you can move this about to be close to the vehicle or job you are working on. It comes with enough trays under the basin for drying parts and holding tools and accessories. The GoPlus washer dimensions are 37” x 16” x 35” and it weighs 99.2lbs when empty. It also comes with a flexible nozzle.

Flow Rate: 5.28 GPM

Service: GoPlus parts can be bought online over many distribution sites.

Reservoir Size: 20 Gallons


Top tips for the best parts washer

Here are some tips to help you buy a great washer.

#1 Flow Rate

This is perhaps the most important feature to look out for. How fast and steady is the flow rate? Don’t be fooled by HP. Ask for GPM or GPH. Also, check to see how noisy the pump is, and how it holds up after 3-4 hours of constant work.

#2 Reservoir Size

Before the development of oil skimmers, basin reservoirs had to be huge, since you needed to clean the reservoir often. Today, with modern technology, you don’t need a large reservoir. So, if you are being persuaded to buy a huuuuge reservoir, turn the other way. Another issue with large reservoirs is for the larger washer units that maintain the heat of the solvent at 170oF, the larger the reservoir, the slower the heating, the more expensive the electricity costs.

#3 Dilution Ratio

This is more to do with the detergent, but if you are buying a washer, you will need to buy detergent too. Most detergents come with fillers to increase their weight of rubbish versus actual detergent. So, make sure your ratio is no higher than 1lbs:20 gallons, anything above that means the detergent is full of shit, literally.

What you do need to look out for are low foaming ingredients and rust inhibitors, as well as Silicates. These ingredients will improve your detergents performance.

#4 Replacement Parts

This is very important; you don’t want a washer that leaks or the pump don’t work properly. This means you need access to spare parts and believe you me; washers need them regularly due to the workload they face in all garages and mechanic shops. These are heavy duty items and will wear and tear. So, check to see you aren’t buying a lemon, and that the unit you do buy has sufficient access to spares.

#5 Design

Washers are all about simplicity. You don’t need a lot; essentially a washer is a basin with a pump and a reservoir. You should have a flexible nozzle, and a basin either made of corrosion resistant materials or coated in enough corrosion resistant surface material.

Make sure the height is suitable to, you don’t want it too low or too high, also preferably get one with a drying tray. If you buy a portable unit, make sure its light even when filled with detergent.


Don’t go out and buy the most expensive washer unit, compare and buy only the one that meets your frequency of use. The items we reviewed all come with a great reputation and review