You’re driving along in your super powerful Dodge Ram, and Deadpool is sitting beside you because the taxi cab crashed into a burning orphanage and you realize you don’t have sounds, what do you do?

You install a subwoofer and blast the cab with so many vibrations your Ram becomes a battering Ram of sound.

The 4 Best Subwoofers for Dodge Ram Quad Cab:

    1. Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12 Inch 2000W Subwoofersthe best subwoofer for Dodge Ram Quad Cab
    2. Rockford R2D2-10 1000W 10 Inch Subwoofers
    3. ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD4-12 12″ 1000W Subwoofers
    4. JL Audio Stealthbox®

Top-Rated Subwoofers for Dodge Ram Quad Cab List:

 Product namePhotoFeatureProsMore Information
1. Kenwood KFC-W3016PS1. Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12 Inch 2000W SubwoofersThis is the Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12" 2000W Single 4-Ohm Car Audio Subwoofers•RMS Power Handling: 400 Watts (800 Watts Per Pair)

•Stress-free spider with a thermally efficient system
More Information
2. Rockford R2D2-10 1000W2. Rockford R2D2-10 1000W 10 Inch SubwoofersThis is the Rockford R2D2-10 1000W 10” Subwoofers•Max Power: 500 Watts for each Sub (1,000 Watts for the Pair)

•Prime 10" R2 2-Ohm DVC Subwoofer
More Information
3. ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD4-12 12"3. ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD4-12 12This is the Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-12 12" 1000W Shallow Mount 4-Ohm DVC Prime Subwoofer•Power Handling (Max): 500 Watts per sub (1000 Watts per pair)

•SPL 85dB (@ 1w/1m)
More Information
4. JL Audio Stealthbox®4. JL Audio Stealthbox®This is the JL Audio Stealthbox® for 2002-Up Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, 2003-Up 2500 & 3500 Quad Cab & 2009-Up Crew Cab•Continuous Power Handling (RMS) of 500 Watts

•85.35 dB Sensitivity
More Information


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With so many aftermarket parts creating mutant cars of all kinds, there is one part of any vehicles system that has to be supercharged, and that’s the sound system.

How can you drive along in silence? This isn’t the age of 20th century silent movies; retro sounds are not cool.

It’s time to pump up the volume, beat out the bass and make your Ram cab the place to be at all times, except when you need to relieve yourself, then that would just be awkward.

The bottom line is that you place your subwoofers in your Ram Cab and you pull powerful horsepower while you push powerful subsonic frequencies, it’s a power thing, you’ll understand after you install a 10” or 12” system.

Best Subwoofer Systems for Dodge Ram Quad Cabs Reviews:

1. Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12 Inch 2000W Subwoofers the best subwoofer for Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12 Inch 2000W Subwoofers + Dodge Ram Quad Cab '02-New Box
  • Subwoofers**
  • 2) Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12" 2000W Single 4-Ohm Car Audio Subwoofers
  • RMS Power Handling : 400 Watts (800 Watts Per Pair)
  • Peak Power Handling : 2,000 Watts (4000 Watts Per Pair)
  • Textured Polypropylene Cone with Rubber Surround

What can I add to an already amazing system? Kenwood, a name that stands out when talking musical appliances. This is the Kenwood KFC-W3016PS which comes with a 12” 82db with peak power delivery system that punches out 2,000 Watts or 4,000 Watts per pair of speakers.

These speakers come with a textured polypropylene cone and are fitted with a rubber (elastic polymer) surround. These 12” sub speakers and sub box are custom designed for all Dodge Ram quad cab trucks, so they deliver maximum effectivity and will fit under the rear seat with the airspace of .65 cu.ft.

In terms of appearance, these speakers come in the standard charcoal matt carpeted format. The extra-long cone was designed to deliver a smoother bass, and they integrated the Kenwood Stress-free spider with a thermally efficient system to equal all thermal outputs, relieving stress points and delivering that unbeatable sound that Kenwood speakers are proud of.

The cone uses a square array pattern and delivers a frequency response rate of 27Hz-300Hz. These are 4 Ω 12” speakers with a mounting depth of 5 3/16”. Their dimensions are 12 13/16” width x 12 13/16” height and a cutout diameter of 11”, with a total depth of 6”, and weigh in at 13.9lbs

Bottom Line: Kenwood, what a name, what a model and what powerful subs. These are on a different level to all their competitors, and apart from Rockford are hands down the best subs to invest in. These 12” beasts will rumble your core and deliver a gut massaging experience that will leave you dizzy.

2. Rockford R2D2-10 1000W 10 Inch Subwoofers

2) ROCKFORD R2D2-10 1000W 10 Inch Subwoofers + Dodge Ram Quad Cab '02-15 Box
  • Subwoofers**
  • NEW Pair **ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2D2 10** 500 Watt 10" 2 Ohm Prime Series DVC Subwoofers
  • Max Power: 500 Watts for each Sub (1000 Watts for the Pair)
  • RMS Power: 250 Watts for each Sub (500 Watts for the Pair)
  • Quantity: 2 Subwoofers Total

When it comes to size, sometimes small can deliver bigger punches, and 10” is smaller than 12,” but these speakers are a match for any size competitor. Rockford rocks with the model R2D2-10, coaxing out 250 Watts of RMS power per speaker and delivering a maximum of 500 Watts of peak power per speaker.

The R2D2-10 comes with 12 AWG compression terminals and has a 2-Ohm Dual Voice Coil design which makes it configurable for different applications. The coil former is made of anodized aluminum, and the cone is made of a mica injected polypropylene.

Rockford doesn’t hold back, and they also embedded 16 AWG tinsel leads with a linear spider and integrated PVC trim ring for added performance and durability.

So, what more does Rockford give you with these subwoofers?

You get 2 x 10” speakers in a Dodge Ram quad cab designed box for the 2002 year models and later, and gives you a .65 cu.ft airspace enclosure to fit under the rear seat.

These are 2 Ohm speakers, delivering 86.9db of sensitivity and a 2” diameter voice coil with a 4.319” mounting depth and a total weight of 8.8Lbs. Cutout diameter is 9.125” and the woofer displacement is 0.039 cu.ft.

Bottom Line: Rockford Rocks and you will never go wrong with a Rockford sub or any part from this amazing company. If it’s the best, then Rockford is your destination. These 10” speakers will pump out the action you need, and whether you are working, cruising, racing or just sitting in the cab outside your home, you will find it hard to leave once these beasts boom.

3. ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD4-12 12″ 1000W Subwoofers

(2) ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD4-12 12" 1000W Subwoofers + Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sub Box
  • Brand New ROCKFORD FOSGATE **R2SD4-12** 12" 1000W Shallow Mount Subwoofers
  • Power Handling (Max): 500 Watts per sub (1000 Watts per pair)
  • Power Handling (RMS): 250 Watts per sub (500 Watts per pair)
  • Features:
  • 12-gauge compression terminals

The Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-12 is a 12” 85dB subwoofer system that rocks you out of the cab.  This 12” subwoofer is a 4-ohm system that gives you a 250 Watt RMS power handling per speaker. The total power output for both at maximum setting is 1,000 Watts.

These speakers come with 12-gauge compression terminals and an integrated PVC trim ring with a liner spider and embedded 16-gauge tinsel leads. The voice coil is made of anodized aluminum and is optimized for sealed spaces. The cone is a mica injected polypropylene, and the basket is stamped cast that comes with integrated spider venting.

This unit has .65 cu.ft of airspace and is designed to sit neatly under your rear seat. The mounting depth is 3.692” and the cutout diameter is 11 ¼” with a total weight of 12Lbs. The woofer displacement is 0.039 cu.ft, and this shallow type dual voice coil system comes in a 0.9 cu.ft box with a 1.709 cu.ft vented box volume.

Bottom Line: When it comes to power you won’t go wrong with a Rockford model, in fact, if you are uncertain about which model to choose, go for a Rockford first. These 12” 85dB speakers are killers in the cab, and unless you are a musical Asperger, you won’t need anything else.

4. JL Audio Stealthbox®

JL Audio Stealthbox
  • Stealthbox for 2002-Up Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, 2003-Up 2500 & 3500 Quad Cab & 2009-Up Crew Cab
  • Subwoofer: Single 10W3v3-2
  • Impedance: 2 Ohms (final load)
  • Color: Black

So, what do you get with the JL Audio Stealthbox®? You get 1 x 10” 2-ohm Subwoofer speaker that pumps out 500 Watts of RMS that comes from a mineral filled polypropylene cone. This cone is embedded in a nitrile-butadiene rubber surround and is DMA-optimized for a longer linear excursion that virtually eliminates distortion and increases the speakers sound output.

The reinforced collar is vented which improves the rigidity and stability of the cone, spider, and voice coil. The floating cone attachment method that this box provides lets you align the cone and surround separately, and the elevated frame cooling design provides you with more power and a better quality of sound.

This unit is fir for 2002-Up Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, 2003-Up 2500/3500 Quad Cab, and the 2009-Up Crew Cab. The Stealthbox® sits under the passenger side rear-bench seat and comes with a steel mesh grill, and binding post terminals for a more secure and rigid installation and connection.

This model is best used in the 150W – 500W range and is designed to operate in a 0.625 cu. ft. sealed enclosure, or a 1.25 cu. ft. (35.4 l) ported enclosure.

Installation Sheet

Bottom Line: These are great speakers in the 10” range, and will give you a great sound output, especially since they are >85dB.


Actually, more like tips: If you are not certain about installation, either follow the installation manuals/sheets that come with these systems and you will find installing them easy. Make sure you have all the tools and parts ready and have a clean working environment.

It’s always best to make sure you have the most applicable amps, tuners and other accessories installed before you add the speakers. So, don’t start by installing subs without a sound system to connect them to.

In case of doubt, consult a professional or even better, if you have the spare cash, get these installed by a professional. There are many small tricks of the trade that professionals have accumulated over the years that are not included in the installation sheets and improve performance, reduce the risk of damage and provide a longer lifespan.