Looking for the woodworking bench? List of 10 top benches is already here!

If you want to DIY some home improvements, you should be ready for working with wood. Woodworking is probably the most popular DIY hobby in the world, and if you are into woodworking, you need tools.

There are dozens of such tools, like a utility knife, a tape measure, a chisel, a screwdriver… But here I’ll talk about the basic and most important woodworking tool.
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1. Black & Decker WM125 Portable Work Bench1. Black & Decker WM125 Portable Work BenchView on Amazon
2. Black & Decker WM1000 Workbench2. Black & Decker WM1000 WorkbenchView on Amazon
3. Triton SJA200 SuperJaws3. Triton SJA200 SuperJawsView on Amazon
4. Sjobergs SJO-332834. Sjobergs SJO-33283View on Amazon
5. Festool MFT/3 Table5. Festool MFT/3 TableView on Amazon
6. Ramia HB-D1500 Work Bench6. Ramia HB-D1500 Work BenchView on Amazon
7. Sjobergs 33445 Workbench7. Sjobergs 33445 WorkbenchView on Amazon
8. Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench8. Sjobergs Elite 1500 WorkbenchView on Amazon
9. Sjobergs SJO-66922K Workbench9. Sjobergs SJO-66922K WorkbenchView on Amazon
10. Sjoberg Elite 2500 Beech Workbench10. Sjoberg Elite 2500 Beech WorkbenchView on Amazon
It’s a woodworking workbench. It’s just a table you’ll use to hold workpieces, but, well, it’s not that simple. The problem is: there are many things you have to consider before buying it. What are these things?

Price, size, usability. Sounds quite simple, right? But believe me, if you want to find the best woodworking bench, you’ll have to spend a lot of time.

Let’s talk about the price at first. You will most likely be surprised by the wide selection — there are small and portable benches that cost $30, there are big and professional monsters that cost $4,000, and there are dozens of models between these two.

It makes sense that they all are different. And to meet all the requirements, I’ve collected various types of woodworking benches here. You’ll definitely find something here, and it doesn’t matter how much are you ready to play, $100 or $3000.

As for the size, well, there are many quarrels about it. Some people prefer high benches, the others like low ones, but I believe that 32-35 inches are a perfect height. The majority of people agree with me, so I’m sure such height would work well for you, too.

The length depends on your needs and your budget. The longer is the woodworking bench, the better is the bench, and the more expensive it is, too — if the table is, like, 50 inches long, it will be extremely useful.

But make sure you have enough space for such a bench in your workshop, of course.

I think that the usability is the most difficult question here. In simple words, the workbench must be comfortable to use. To choose a comfortable workbench, pay attention to these things:

Weight. A comfortable bench must be heavy — the higher is its weight, the less it budges, and if the workbench doesn’t budge, you get rid of 95% of problems, associated with the benches. A stable workbench is half the battle, that’s what I think.

Usability and ergonomics. Proper height and length are necessary for the comfort of the user, but that’s not all. The main function of every woodworking bench is to hold the wood while you are working with it, right?

That’s why there are many details that must be taken into account. For example, is the maximum width of the wood jaws enough? Can the bench hold your tools? What about the clamping options and additional functions?

Here I’ve collected 10 best benches for different needs.

Let’s talk about them in more details now (please, note that all the benches here are sorted from the lowest to the highest price).

1. Black & Decker WM125 Portable Work Bench

Usability and ergonomics65%

Well, the name speaks for itself. It’s a portable workbench, which means you shouldn’t expect it to be a very functional tool.

It’s perfect for the amateur or for a professional (if you need something small and portable to carry in your car). It’s not heavy at all, but it’s really easy to move it from place to place, if needed.

Don’t expect it to be very stable, but, well, a non-skid feet does its best and it’s quite difficult to slide it! It’s also quite easy to assemble this bench, too — you’ll spend 30 minutes or less. You can also watch this video in order to understand how to assemble WM125:

2. Black & Decker WM1000 Workbench

Usability and ergonomics70%

It’s another bench from Black & Decker, but more expensive and more functional than the previous one. It’s perfect if you don’t have too much free space (and free money), but it’s worth it.

It’s a decent and solid workbench — made of steel and bamboo, quite convenient to use, steady and stable. I don’t see any reasons not to buy it if you don’t have too much money. Assembling this bench isn’t a problem, too.

Be careful, because this bench isn’t the best choice when it comes to heavy equipment. If you are an amateur, that’s enough, but if you are a professional, think about something else.

3. Triton SJA200 SuperJaws

Usability and ergonomics72%

This workbench is a little more complex than the previous benches. It’s made of steel and the construction is really stable. This Triton bench will be a good workhorse, I’m sure of it.

It’s a very cheap item, by the way. This is another reason why it’s an interesting product — it’s stable, portable, extremely cheap and its design makes this bench a perfect choice.

And don’t forget that it takes less than half a minute to fold this bench. A perfect solution for those who need something really portable.

4. Sjobergs SJO-33283

Usability and ergonomics75%

It’s another small workbench that would fit perfectly if you don’t have enough free space. It’s not too expensive, too, but don’t forget that it’s Sjobergs, and this brand offers quite expensive items.

However, the Sjobergs benches aren’t only expensive, they are of a high quality. It’s one of the best brands in this category (you’ll understand it a little bit later).

SJO-33283 bench is a perfect choice for small jobs. Stable, classic, heavy, not too high (32 inches height) — in many cases, this bench would be enough.

5. Festool MFT/3 Table

Usability and ergonomics78%

What about something simple and high-quality? Festool bench would be a great choice.

It’s large. The height is 35 inches so if you are not tall, think twice before buying it. It’s comfortable to use — great, perforated woodworking bench top is very good for work (clamping, etc.), and folding legs make the bench portable.

The description may look a little bit poor, but don’t make a mistake at this stage — MFT/3 table is definitely a good choice if you are looking for something of a premium quality.

It would work well with other Festool accessories so I highly recommend to buy this table connector and quick clamp set together with this bench. Oh, and here is the video, of course:

6. Ramia HB-D1500 Work Bench

Usability and ergonomics75%

Ramia is a Czech brand of building tools. HB-D1500 is a good and simple workbench, and it would fit well in almost every workshop of the world. If you are not a professional woodworker, of course.

The assembling of this bench isn’t a problem (less than 30 minutes), it’s 33.5 inches high (and 56 inches long), the material (wood) is varnished well, which means the pores of the wood wouldn’t fill up with dirt or oil. That’s why the durability of this bench is quite good.

It’s a high-quality workhorse that will work for years. I’m sure that the price isn’t too high for such quality of a product.

7. Sjobergs 33445 Workbench

Usability and ergonomics75%

Remember what I’ve said about this brand? Well, the following 4 benches are the best, the most expensive and will fulfill all the needs and desires or a buyer. Oh, and all of them were manufactured by Sjobergs. It’s sort of Big Four on the workbenches market.

Sjobergs 33445 is a well-made and very heavy workbench, which means it’s almost perfect for all types of work.

It’s made of wood, it’s very stable and it would be enough for 95% of the types of work with wood. And it’s expensive, of course — but click on the link above and you’ll understand why it’s a very reasonable choice or watch this video.

8. Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench

Usability and ergonomics81%

It’s a very big workbench (54 inches long and 23 inches wide), and it’s a very heavy one (230 lbs or 104 kg). It makes sense that it would be very difficult to slide it!

And it’s quite expensive, of course. Just as it happens with any other premium Sjobergs woodworking bench, you’ll need to spend good money on this 1500 model, but you will not regret it.

At first, this bench will be with you for dozens of years (if you don’t sell it of course). It’s made of European beech, which is definitely not a perishable material, and it’s varnished perfectly, with no doubts. The quality of the material and of the bench itself is a legend.

Premium bench, unbreakable steel bench dogs, wide vises, comfortable for right and left hand — that’s all I can say about it. It’s truly the perfect choice for a workshop if your budget isn’t limited.

9. Sjobergs SJO-66922K Workbench

Usability and ergonomics90%

But, well, if the budget isn’t limited at all, what about this Professional Elite workbench? It’s more expensive than the previous one, it’s heavier (300 lbs or 136 kg), and it’s a professional tool.

It’s also bigger than 1500 Elite — 71 inches of length means you can hold any piece of wood, even if you work with wooden boat parts, for example. There are 6 drawers here so you will have the fastest access to all your tools.

And, well, it looks amazing. Just watch this video and you’ll get what I’m talking about:

10. Sjoberg Elite 2500 Beech Workbench

Usability and ergonomics96%

It’s the top-of-the-line model. Please, keep this in mind as you open the link.

It’s the biggest workbench included in this list. The biggest, the most expensive and the most elite bench — and with this one, woodworking will never be a mechanical and routine work.

330 lbs of finished and perfectly-oiled European beech, 93 inches of length — I just can’t imagine what kind of action can make this bench rock. Can you?

It’s possible to add as many cabinets as you wish. Of course, as it’s a premium bench, it can be customized according to your needs and desires.

The only problem of this bench is: you’ll have to call 3-4 men to help you with the top because it’s really heavy (and thick, more than 3 inches thick!). But can you really call it a problem?

I finished with a bench, that costs 130 times more than the first bench on this list. It was a cool trip, wasn’t it? Let’s now make a little conclusion.

So, the workbench must be heavy and stable, as I’ve said at the very beginning of the article.

However, “stable” doesn’t always mean “heavy” — Black & Decker and Triton benches proved this. They are simple, cheap, lightweight, but still stable, so if you want something you can put in your car — pay attention to the first 4 portable benches on my list.

If you want something bigger, heavier and more expensive, the benches from Ramia and Festool will help. They are quite simple, heavy and enough for the absolute majority of the amateur and semi-professional woodworkers.

However, if you are a true and professional cabinet maker, the last 4 Sjobergs products are for you.

They are expensive (sometimes they are too expensive, as for me), but they are the heaviest, multifunctional and premium workbenches that would last for decades. And I don’t mean 1-3 decades when I say this.

Well, you saw it all with your own eyes.