Sanders For Drywall – Buyer’s Guide!

A drywall sander is a key tool used for drywall installation. This device helps smooth the plastering compound used during drywall installation.

There are four drywall categories to choose from; these include the manual sanding block, orbital drywall sander, portable cable sander, and the dustless turbo drywall sander.

List of Top-Rated Sanders for drywall

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
1. ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander with LED Light1. ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander with LED LightMore Information
2. DEWALT DWE6401DS 5-Inch VS Disc Sander with Dust Shroud2. DEWALT DWE6401DS 5-Inch VS Disc Sander with Dust ShroudMore Information
3. Milwaukee 6034-21 53. Milwaukee 6034-21 5" Random Orbit Palm SanderMore Information
4. WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander with 15' Hose4. WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander with 15' HoseMore Information
5. Tacklife PDS01A 9-Inch 6A/710W/1800Rpm Foldable Sander with LED Light5. Tacklife PDS01A 9-Inch 6A/710W/1800Rpm Foldable Sander with LED LightMore Information

Choosing the correct sander is based on the volume and type of drywall you intend to work with. Another consideration is budget, since some sanders, as with any tool, come in a variety of sizes, and materials.
Let’s take a look at the four different sanders used on drywall.

The Best Sanders for drywall Reviews

1. ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander with LED Light

This is the ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander with LED Light 710 Watts


The Aleko DP 3000 is a large, powerful sander with a built-in vacuum. This model has an adjustable speed setting from 800 to 1,700 RPM powered by am 800 watts 120V 60 Hz motor. The grinding pad diameter is 9,” and the tube is 1.5” diameter with a total weight of 12 lbs.

This model comes with a LED light, a hose, 6 sanding discs, and a dust bag, and you can detach the brush segment, this gives you access to edges and corners.

The vacuum suction is adjustable, and while it is a powerful sander, it is easy to carry and is not too heavy for long job loads.

This is an exquisitely designed sander with a futuristic look and appeal. The materials used to fabricate this product are high-quality polymers and aluminum alloy with rubber grips. The Sander itself is designed to perform as good as it looks and you will not only enjoy a fast and reliable experience but enjoy using this on all jobs.


  • 800 watts 120 volts, 60 Hz Motor
  • 800-1,700 RPM adjustable speed setting
  • Fully adjustable LED light
  • Extension rod for high ceilings and walls.



2. DEWALT DWE6401DS 5-Inch VS Disc Sander with Dust Shroud

This is the DWE6041DS 5 inch VS Disc Sander with Dust Shroud


The DWE6041DS 5 inch VS Disc Sander is a handheld sander with the classic DeWalt color and quality materials. This solid compact sander comes with a 6 Amp motor that delivers a wide range adjustable RPM from off to 3,700. The handles come with a soft rubber grip to assure a constant hold over the tool when in use and the dust shroud when connected, provides a clean work environment.


  • 6 amp motor for high torque sanding applications
  • 0 – 3,700 OPM variable speed trigger dial
  • Adjustable dust shroud
  • Mid-handle design with soft grip and side handle
  • Accepts 5″ 8-hole hook & loop paper


This is a budget-friendly sanding tool for use in all applications since it’s a DeWalt you know you are getting reliable quality and exceptional performance.


3. Milwaukee 6034-21 5″ Random Orbit Palm Sander

This is the Milwaukee 6034-21 5″ Random Orbit Palm Sander


The Milwaukee 5″ Random Orbit Sander comes with a compact 3 Amp engine that churns out variable speeds of 7,000-12,000 RPM. This is a small and compact orbit palm sander and delivers a fine, swirl-free finish on all application surfaces.

This model comes with a 9.8” cord and weighs 3.57 pounds; there is a plastic dust canister with a filter that integrates into perfect harmony to provide an efficient dust free environment.


  • 3.0 Amp Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Variable Speed Dial
  • Universal Vacuum Hose Adapter
  • Electronic Soft Start
  • Dual Counter Balance
  • Plastic Dust Canister with Filter
  • Universal hook and loop, and PSA PAD systems that accept both types of 5 in. sanding discs


For a palm sander, this is one heck of a performance item. This tool is absolutely perfect, and there are zero defects when working appropriately. To be honest, it’s hard to find another palm sander that will outperform this one at a price it’s being offered.


4. WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander with 15′ Hose


The WEN drywall sander is an exceptional machine. This device combines a modern, streamlined look using classic CAT yellow and black with a versatile and adaptable performance output.

This model comes with an 8.5-inch pivoting head that swivels in every direction. There are a hook and loop base pad for easy interchangeable pads, which include 60, 80, 120, 150, 180 and 240 grit options. The motor generates a wide torque between 600 to 1500RPM, and there is a 15-foot dust hose attached that automatically cleans the environment as you work.

Overall, this is an exceptional device, and the extension rod allows you to stand and work without too much effort, on those high ceiling applications.


  • Variable speed adjustment from 600 to 1500 RPM
  • Hook-and-loop base pad
  • 5-Amp head-mounted motor
  • Automatic dust removal system with 15-foot dust hose
  • Hook-and-loop 9-inch sanding discs for 60, 80, 120, 150, 180 and 240 grit


This is an exceptional model, and the price reflects quality and performance.


5. Tacklife PDS01A 9-Inch 6A/710W/1800Rpm Foldable Sander with LED Light

This is the Tacklife 9-Inch 6A/710W PDS01A LED Light Drywall Sander


The Tacklife 9-inch drywall sander is a foldable unit that comes with some exceptional features including a 6 amp 710W motor for extreme power that comes with variable speeds set between 800 to 1800 RPM.

This model is constructed with a shaft axis that is designed to fix the angle of sanding, keeping it always 90 degrees perpendicular to the wall. The extension tube comes with a 13-foot dust collection hose, so your work environment is always clean.

Another stand out feature is the extra Bright LED Light array that is built into the head, providing you with maximum visibility of the work surface during operation.

The Variable Speed Control comes with 7 options, and there is a trigger lock that makes it easier to change speeds.

The extension rod elongates to 5 feet, so you get a longer range for easier applications, and there is a Hook-loop base pad for faster and easier paper changes. This mode comes with 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, and 240 grit papers.


  • 6Amp, 710W motor
  • 9-inch sander head
  • Integrated LED light array
  • 7 Variable speed adjustments
  • 800 to 1800rpm
  • 14.76Ft.(4.5M) long power cord
  • Aluminum alloy extension rod
  • Foldable handle design
  • 13ft. PVC dust hose


This is one of the top models of all time and is top rated as the best foldable drywall sander on the market today.


What kind of sanders for drywall there is?

Manual Sanding Block

These are simple small job sanders and are made to provide a finish over broken drywall, sanding corners and smoothing round edges. Usually, the manual sanding block comes in a standard size, which is 2.75” x 4” x 1”.

These blocks come with fine and medium grits in dual and single angles for sanding tight locations without sanding the opposing wall. A manual sanding block can become a versatile corner or edge smoother when you apply a sponge under the grit.

Dustless Turbo Drywall Sanders

These types of sanders are lightweight and are perfect tools for overhead sanding since they come with an integrated vacuum that collects the dust. The head is rectangular so you can sand in tight areas and corners. There are a few models that come with a 10,000 rpm wind generating air turbine that is used for speed sanding. These models usually all come with an extending handle for reaching high locations such as archways and ceilings.

Portable Cable Sanders

Portable cable sanders are used by professionals for overhead and high place sanding. These all come with long extension rods, some as long as 13 feet and are always heavy and expensive tools. Their power range is designed for large surfaces and speed so that contractors can finish the work as fast as possible.

Orbital Drywall Sanders

These are handheld power tools for DIY use, as well as professional use. These tools are used to remove paint, rust and even drywall mudding compounds. These tools are handheld and do not come with an extension rod. This means you need to have a ladder for high locations.

Golden Rules:

  • When sanding, always wear goggles and if possible a face mask is covering your nose and mouth too.
  • Never sand asbestos walls, if you find asbestos or suspect it, call in a professional and notify the local health authorities.

When sanding drywall, remember to be gentle, and avoid fuzzing the drywall paper. Sand seams in their center and only sand enough to smooth out ridges and bumps.

Standard Drywall sanding only requires fine paper, as such, 150 grit is the coarsest paper you want to use when sanding drywall.

When using extension sanders, practice before use and understand the difference in pressure. When applying a hand-held sandpaper block you gain perfect control over the pressure you exert. However, when you use a power tool and an extended one at that, you need to know how much pressure to place while the sander rotates. You don’t want to end up gouging holes into your already soft drywall.

Always work with good ventilation and close any internal doors. The dust from drywalls is notorious for flying about everywhere and is a bugger to clean up once it has settled on various surfaces. Always prefer a vacuum unit, if not, then make sure the surfaces in the area are covered, open any and all windows, and close all internal doors.

Even when working with a vacuum system, wear goggles and a face mask.

Don’t be self-pressured into using a rough grit paper, this is drywall, its soft, its compressed powder and all you need to do is smooth out bumpy surfaces from connections or cut out sections and edges. Therefore only use fine grit starting from 150.

When you encounter a gouge or hole, fill it with putty or any joint compound, don’t sand it. First, fill it, let it dry and then sand gently using a hand block not a machine.

To seek out problem areas, use the LED lights that come with units, if you don’t have a lighted unit, then buy a LED light and look over the entire surface before starting. It’s best to be prepared before starting.
Always take a hand sander with you and extra paper. Do a once over with the hand sander first, prime the problem areas and only then use the power sander for large surfaces.