Last Updated: 10.12.2020

2003-2006 RAM 1500 maintenance schedule

Following a regular maintenance schedule is the most important step for keeping your truck running smoothly. It should be your top priority as not only does it increase reliability and improves fuel economy, but it will also make your truck last longer. All of this saves you money on a long run. As with any other vehicle, the maintenance schedule for your RAM depends on the year it was made. Here, you will find all the data needed for performing regular maintenance on your 2003-2006 Dodge Ram 1500.

Replace engine oil & oil filter


15.000 miles (under normal driving conditions)

7.000 miles (under severe driving conditions)

Replace fuel filter15.000 miles / 12 months
Flush engine cooling system100.000 miles / 5 years
Inspect water pump15.000 miles (inspect weep hole for blockage)
Replace automatic transmission fluid & filter (48RE gearbox)100.000 miles
Adjust automatic transmission bands (48RE gearbox)100.000 miles
Replace manual transmission fluid60.000 miles
Replace transfer case fluid


120.000 miles (under normal driving conditions)

60.000 miles (under severe driving conditions)

Replace front differential fluid

(4×4 vehicles)

15.000 miles (under severe driving conditions)

50.000 miles (under normal driving conditions)

Replace rear differential fluid15.000 miles (under severe driving conditions)

50.000 miles (under normal driving conditions)

Check and adjust valve lash150.000 miles


Engine oil15W-40 (outside temperature > 0° F)

5W-40 full synthetic (all outside temperature)

12.0 qts w/ filter
Engine coolant50/50 mixture MOPAR 68048953AB antifreeze and distilled water~ 6 gallons
Automatic transmission fluidMOPAR ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid14 – 17 qts total
Manual transmission fluid (6 speed)MOPAR manual transmission fluid4.0 qts
Transfer case fluidMOPAR ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid1.25 qts (NV231HD)

2.3 qts (NV241)

3.25 qts (NV241HD)

Front differential fluidSAE 75W-90 GL-5 synthetic gear oil2.45 qts
Rear differential fluidSAE 75W-90 or 75W-140 (preferred for towing) GL-5 synthetic gear oil2.7 qts (10.5” AMM)

3.8 qts (11.5” AMM)