Last Updated: 10.12.2020

The EcoBoost engine is a Ford, Mazda and FEV Engineering model. This co-developed model is considered to be a powerful engine that provides torque equal to or beyond larger displacement engines, and providing 30% more efface fuel use with a reduction of 15% in greenhouse emissions.

The EcoBoost 2.3L is actually a turbocharged version of the Mazda L engine. The EcoBoost replaces the carryover 3.7 L V6 engine with a more modern 2.3 L Turbocharged I4 engine but delivers the same features while coming only in a Fastback style.

The 5 Best Tuners for EcoBoost Mustang:

  1. DiabloSport 9145 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang – the best tuner for EcoBoost Mustang
  2. SCT Performance – 7015 – X4 Performance Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang
  3. Bully Dog 40460B GTX Watchdog Gauge Monitor And Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang
  4. DiabloSport I2020 inTune i2 Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang
  5. DiabloSport 8100 inTune i3 Performance Programmer Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

List of Top-Rated Tuners for EcoBoost Mustang Comparison Table:

 Product NameProduct ImageMore Information
1. DiabloSport 9145 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang1. DiabloSport 9145 Trinity T2 EX Performance ProgrammerMore Information
2. SCT Performance - 7015 - X4 Performance Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang2. SCT Performance - 7015 - X4 Performance TunerMore Information
3. Bully Dog 40460B GTX Watchdog Gauge Monitor And Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang3. Bully Dog 40460B GTX Watchdog Gauge Monitor And TunerMore Information
4. DiabloSport I2020 inTune i2 Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang4. DiabloSport I2020 inTune i2 TunerMore Information
5. DiabloSport 8100 inTune i3 Performance Programmer Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang5. DiabloSport 8100 inTune i3 Performance ProgrammerMore Information


We strive to always give you genuine, accurate information. To do this, all of reviews are based on market research, expert input, and practical experience. This knowledge comes from a team of automotive journalists and an independent mechanic, Steve “Whip” Whipple who has 11 years of experience in the auto industry. For more information, see here.

The Tuners for EcoBoost Mustang Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

1. DiabloSport 9145 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

9145 DiabloSport Trinity 2 EX Platinum
  • DiabloSport 9145 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer; Platinum Series; In-Cabin Display; Full Re-Flash/Program Capability; Advanced Data Acquisition; Customizable Gauges;


The DiabloSport Trinity 2 (T2) EX is a big 5” screen tuner/ programmer; the 9145 model is bespoke for Mustang EcoBoost applications.


The DiabloSport Trinity 2 (T2) EX is a very complex and comprehensive model that in the hands of a professional will turn any EcoBoost Mustang into a fire-breathing American Muscle beast.

What you get with this EX model is a large 5” Touch Screen with Data Logging that will Check and Clear DTCs. The ability to Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Ratio and for tire size. You get all the calibration features, such as Cooling Fan Control, Disable the ESP, Throttle Booster, and an accurate Fuel Rich Lean Adjustment with Spark Timing Advance Retard. There is also an Idle RPM with Top Speed and Rev Limiter, and adjustable Shift Points, Shift Firmness, and Torque Management Adjustment.

This is not all; there is much more to get here, including the ability to use canned tunes and not just configure your own.


  • High-definition gauge display with crisp graphics
  • Easy pull-up menu navigation
  • Tire size/gear ratio adjustment
  • Performance tests
  • Simplified single HDMI connector for all communication
  • Slick custom backgrounds
  • User customizable color combinations


This is the big touch screen from the future, it provides amazing GUI and delivers even better performance tunes for every possible application.

2. SCT Performance – 7015 – X4 Performance Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

SCT Performance – 7015 – X4 Performance Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang


  • Tow tune is 65 horsepower to the wheels increase
  • Street tune is 120 horsepower to the wheels increase
  • Performance tune is 150 horsepower and 248 torque increase to the wheels


This is the SCT X4 7015 Performance Programmer that comes with canned Dyno tested tunes and will deliver optimum performance.

This model reads and clears all your PCM DTC’s it also gives you a quick restore to Factory settings function. You update the software and tunes through the USB link, and via the built-in WIFI adapter for direct internet link.

Since this is best used as a canned changer, it comes with 10 memory slots for 10 specific tunes, which can hold either canned or custom tunes.


  • Stores up to 10 custom tune files created by your local SCT Custom Tuning Dealer.
  • Reads & Clears PCM Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
  • Dual Analog Inputs
  • Easy Restoration Back to Stock
  • Full-Color LCD display for easy viewing, day or night.
  • Increases your vehicles Horsepower, Torque, Throttle Response, and even Fuel Mileage
  • Installs quickly and easily via your vehicle’s OBDII port.
  • USB Interface Cable and Built-in Wifi with Livelink Datalogging software included


The 7015 model is designed for all Mustang cars, including the EcoBoost, it is a comprehensive model that is easy to use and has a great intuitive GUI.

3. Bully Dog 40460B GTX Watchdog Gauge Monitor And Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

Bully Dog - 40460B - GTX Performance Tuner/Monitor
40 Reviews
Bully Dog - 40460B - GTX Performance Tuner/Monitor
  • Wide Make & Model Fit - Works on Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, GM, Cadillac, & Toyota applications. Enter your vehicle to verify compatibility. Please contact Bully Dog directly for support.
  • Cloud Delivery - Download updates and tunes from over Wi-Fi. Matches your Ford vehicle with available tunes and settings that fit.
  • Removable Monitor - Convenient Grab-and-Go magnetic mounting system lets you keep your monitor secure when not in use.
  • Code Clearing - Diagnose and clear trouble codes to ensure proper engine operation. Performance Logging - Data logging for real-time performance review with playback option using LiveLink software.
  • Monitor performance parameters at a glance with a mounted dynamic 5" LCD display. Control your vehicle's performance fully with preloaded & custom tune capability in an adjustable tune interface.


This is the GTX Watchdog model 404060B for Ford Mustang EcoBoost models.


When it comes to excellent performance, it is hard to think of a more comprehensive tuner than the BullyDog.
This one in particular sticks out with its Dyno proven performance tunes and more functions to tweak than any other device on the market.

However, if you want to know what really makes this stand out from the crowd, it’s the flawless 5” capacitive glass touchscreen display that gives you access to real-time Data logging with 35fps recording functions. You get a full diagnostic sweep and can view your engine’s performance on the fly.


  • Sub 10 second startup, even when remote starting vehicle
  • Customize vehicle power & torque with 3 included tune levels
  • High-resolution customizable gauges display industry-leading PIDs list
  • On-screen data logging and playback using LiveLink software
  • Convenient “grab and go” magnetic mounting system
  • WiFi capability for cloud updates and custom tune delivery
  • On-screen gauges display numerous PIDs
  • Records data logs at up to 35 fps
  • Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)


To be honest, it will take a week to discuss all the features on this tuner, so why bother, just go out and buy one and find out for yourself.

4. DiabloSport I2020 inTune i2 Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

DiabloSport I2020 inTune i2 Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang


  • All New “Easy Tune” mode for simple tune installation
  • Add horsepower and torque while increasing fuel mileage
  • OBD-II data logging and clear DTCs
  • Adjustable vehicle parameters like tire size, speed limiters and more
  • Easy updates via Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
  • Allows for custom tunes that calibrate for additional bolt-on mods


The I-2020 inTune i2 tuner is filled with preconfigured DiabloSport performance Dyno tunes.


The I-2020 is a Mustang device, designed for Mustangs and EcoBoost among them. This very compact handheld device comes with no frills. It a fast calibrator with a nice tight 2.8” screen and connects easily to your ODBII port.
This models speed comes from the integrated Sitara ARM processor with 2GB of RAM memory, and it is PC, MAC, and Linux compatible.

This device delivers a full array of diagnostics and will read and clear all PCM DTC’s, and it also provides you with preset tunes for a comprehensive performance upgrade or personalized tweaking for specific performance.
This model is designed for use on all Mustang EcoBoost applications.


  • Full Color, 2.8″High-Resolution Touch Screen
  • Includes Pre-Configured DiabloSport Tunes
  • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • OBD-II Data Logging
  • PC/Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Compatible
  • For all 1996-2016 Mustangs, excluding GT350


If you don’t want a confusing multi-processing custom detailed device, then this is the perfect option. It is straightforward, simple but effective and delivers perfect performance tweaking every time.

5. DiabloSport 8100 inTune i3 Performance Programmer Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

8100 DiabloSport inTune i3
  • DiabloSport 8100 inTune i3 Performance Programmer; 3rd Generation inTune; 50-State Legal
  • DiabloSport
  • 8100


The DiabloSport 8100 inTune i3 Performance Programmer is a compact 3rd generation; a handheld tuner for EcoBoost Mustang models.


Its time to muscle up your Mustang, and if you want to turn your EcoBoost into an EcoBeast then this is the kit that will do it.

DiabloSport has been pumping up and juicing Ford Mustangs for a very long time, and this inTune i3 programmer is the device to deliver exceptional performance upgrades for every need.

This model is a classic beastifier for all Mustang EcoBoost, it will add 15-30 HP/20-30 TQ, and you get that with a quick connect and canned tune application. There isn’t much to say on this device; it’s a complete package that lets you control the way your Mustang should perform for all your wildest dreams.


  • Add 15-30 HP/20-30 TQ
  • Raise Speed & Rev Limits
  • Includes custom tunes for Cold Air Intakes
  • Turn off traction control
  • Launch Control Options


An exceptionally good device, simple to use, easy to apply and comes at a mid-range price, that will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket, but once applied will burn the rubber on the asphalt.

How to Choose The Tuner For Ecoboost Mustang?

The EcoBoost Premium model adds comfort features but not engine performance features to the standard EcoBoost models. These improvements include leather seating surfaces, MyFord Touch with Ford SYNC, and HD Radio, the SHAKER Premium Sound System, and some more option.


This is the year that the 2.3L I4 EcoBoost was used in Mustang models, and this provided 310 hp (231 kW; 314 PS) @ 5500 rpm, 320 lb⋅ft (434 Nm) @ 3000 rpm, and 350 hp (261 kW; 355 PS) @ 6000 rpm, 350 lb⋅ft (475 Nm) @ 3200 rpm


Year Engine cc Power Torque Compression Ratio
2014 2,253 cc (137 cu in) 310 bhp @ 5,500 rpm 434 Nm (320 lb⋅ft) @ 3,000 rpm 9.5:1
2015 2,253 cc (137 cu in) 313 bhp @ 5,700 rpm 432 Nm (319 lb⋅ft) @ 3,000 rpm 9.5:1
2018 2,253 cc (137 cu in) 286 bhp @ 5,600 rpm 440 Nm (325 lb⋅ft) @ 3,000 rpm 9.5:1
2018 2,253 cc (137 cu in) 310 bhp) @ 5,500 rpm 475 Nm (350 lb⋅ft) @ 3,000 rpm 9.5:1

Quick Boosting Suggestions

Always buy a brand tuner that comes with bespoke Mustang EcoBoost tunes that are Dyno proven. Do not play around with the features and functions of the EcoBoost model, unless you are a professional mechanic with Mustang experience and knowledge in the EcoBoost electronics and performance.

What is Mustang EcoBoost Tuning?

Mustang tuning is tuning for Mustangs, as you would tune any other vehicle. The difference being that this particular tuning is aimed for a very specific engine, the Ford 2.3L Ecoboost set in a Mustang. In all Mustangs after 1996, and this includes EcoBoost that came from 2015, there is an ODBII port that lets you connect your tuner/programmer to the cars onboard computer, PCM. Once you connect your device to the PCM, the canned tunes will start to make the changes to improve your engine’s performance.

What can be tuned?

Essentially, the latest tuners let you calibrate every engine part and all electronic components for performance and comfort. This includes Camshafts, Cold air intakes, Cylinder heads, Fuel injectors, Full exhaust systems and headers, Intake manifolds, Nitrous systems, Rear gear changes, Superchargers/Turbochargers, and Throttle bodies. As well windows, locks, alarms, etc.,

Custom, Canned and Dyno

There are three types of tunes available, these are:

  • Canned: A generic preset tune that comes with the device.
  • Custom: A specially written tune, either prepared by a company or made by a professional.
  • Dyno: A shop prepared tune, where the tuner dials it in in real time.

Remember this piece of advice; it will save your life and your EcoBoost from destruction; never buy a tune from an unknown source, and never tune by yourself. Custom tuning is for professionals that understand the nature of the entire operation; one change can destroy your performance, let alone an entire range of changes.

Tuning Variants

There are two variants for tuning; one is the use of chips, which come with preset tunes that you can employ at the flick of a switch. These are closed circuits, which means you cannot make custom adjustments. The second variant is Tuners, which come with open circuits that allow you to make custom changes to specific options.