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Best Tuner & Programmer for 5.7 Hemi Ram – Ram 1500

Unlock more horsepower and torque by using one of these best tuners for the Ram’s 5.7L Hemi. Having a reliable tuner is one of the most powerful ways to improve an engine’s performance. When Ram produces their trucks, they typically structure the ECU in a way that works for all drivers. But owners can still maximize engine output by calibrating parameters through tuning. With proper tuning, you can experience smoother shifting, boosted speed, and increased fuel economy. If you own a 5.7 Hemi Ram, read on to see which tuners will work best for you.

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The 4 Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram – RAM 1500:

  1. SUPERCHIPS 3845 FLASHPAQ F5 TUNER – the best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram – RAM 1500

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Great Value: No products found. – the best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram – RAM 1500

You can skip aftermarket parts and just use the Superchips 3845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner to get that horsepower! This simple and functional handheld tuner will allow you to install pre-loaded tunes or manually alter them afterward to help you improve the capabilities of your truck. You can also monitor up to eight parameters with the device, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a mount.

No products found.

Solid Construction and an All-New Processor

The Superchips 3845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner is a solid device so don’t worry if you accidentally drop it a few times. It’s also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The all-new processor inside makes it a worth-while upgrade – especially if you’re coming from an older Superchips programmer. The installation procedure is quick, max 30 minutes, and then you can start having fun improving your truck’s performance. And like the Bully Dog BDX, the Superchips Flashpaq can also scan and clear the DTC trouble codes yourself.

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Automatic Stock Backup and 5 Pre-Loaded Tunes

As you start tuning your vehicle, the device will show you a progress bar. It helps you figure out whether the device is communicating well with your ECU or if there’s a problem going on. It also automatically backs up your stock tune before it overwrites it. That way, you can always go back to the original manufacturer’s settings in case you change your mind on how you modified your truck.

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner comes with five pre-loaded tunes:

  • Tow – if you need to pull loads.
  • MileageXS SAVE – to increase fuel efficiency. Ideal if you’re using your truck on a daily basis.
  • 87 Octane – the most basic tune which changes your air and fuel mixture and firms up your shift points.
  • Performance 91 – meant for 91 octane fuel; if you are looking for the best upgrade, this is highly recommended
  • Performance 93 – for an aggressive performance tune, check this out! It will increase your speed, drivability, and gas mileage instantly.

Why should you buy it?

With its updated processor, its easy installation, and affordable price, the Superchips Flashpaq F5 is one of our favorites. It comes with five pre-loaded tunes, making it easy for you to start improving your truck as soon as you connect it to your truck. It’s also easy to see the installation progress and you know you can go back to stock anytime with its automatic backup. And don’t forget about its ability to monitor eight parameters – so you can see how much better your truck is with the F5.



  • Sturdy construction
  • Monitors and records up to 8 gauges
  • Reads and clears DTCs


  • Cannot be mounted


Fall in love with your truck all over again with the Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer. This tuner will give you the power to pull heavy loads or increase speed and drivability through its well-structured tunes. It works well on some model years of the Ram 1500 with 5.7 Hemi, but not on the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 versions. You can go to the Bully Dog website to check if this device will work for you..

  • Wide make & model fit – Works on Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, GM, Cadillac, & Toyota applications. Enter your vehicle above to verify compatibility. Please contact Bully Dog support for assistance.
  • Wifi connectivity – Updates and a vast library of preloaded tune files downloaded from the cloud
  • Real -time monitor – Monitor key vehicle data on full-color on-screen virtual gauges
  • Code clearing – Diagnose and clear trouble codes to ensure proper engine operation
  • Mounted or handled – Easy-to-use push-button interface for quick changes or the sleek design looks great mounted.FLASH & GO – Quick flashing technology gets your vehicle tuned and on the road quick

Small and Handheld

The Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer is a handheld tuner that is about the size of your smartphone. It has a full-color display making it easy to read the screen. It’s not touch screen but it has sleek buttons immediately under the screen to help you navigate. You can use it as a handheld device or mount it on your windshield, although it may be a a little bulky. There’s a magnet on the back of it that will stick to a specialized windshield mount that you can purchase separately.

Space for 10 Custom Tunes and Can Clear Trouble Codes

The Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer doesn’t have pre-loaded tunes. But you can purchase and save up to 10 custom tunes from Bully Dog or a local trusted tuner. Just let them know where you want to improve your truck’s performance so they can program a tune that will meet your goals and account for any aftermarket parts you’ve added. These custom tunes are like a bespoke suit for your truck – it knows everything that’s on your truck and knows how to make it “look” (work) damn well.

Plus, if you’ve encountered those dreaded engine warning lights on your truck, you can easily view trouble codes and clear them through the device. That’s massive savings by fixing it yourself or with a mechanic that can give you a deal instead of visiting a dealership to do a scan.

Three Ways for Seamless Installation

There are three ways to download custom tunes or update the firmware: via Wi-Fi connection, through your computer, or by downloading the updater software from the Bully Dog site. Once you’ve downloaded your custom tune, you can immediately load it up on your truck’s computer and let it work alone, or do additional calibrations on the parameters, if you want an added oomph.

Regular Updates Mean Less Problems

The BDX needs to run an update before you start doing anything with it. It’ll help make sure that the tuning process and whatever else you use it for will run seamlessly and error-free. Bully Dog habitually updates their devices to fix issues. It’ll also allow you to take advantage of their added calibration updates, which is super helpful if you have one of the latest Ram models.

Why should you buy it?

Well, tune installation is quick and easy. There isn’t much of a learning curve because of its straightforward instructions. You just need to connect the cable to your OBDII port and turn on your engine so that your ECU is running and your tuner can connect to it. The entire tuning process will only take you 15 minutes max.

You can also purchase up to 10 custom tunes. With these custom tunes, it’ll make sure that you have the right calibrations for everything that’s on your truck and for what you want to achieve with it. You’ll also be able to immediately fix any trouble codes that you see in your dashboard so you can make the call on if you can fix it yourself or if this problem is something to throw some money at.



  • Saves up to 10 custom tunes
  • Full color display
  • Regular calibration updates


  • Bit bulky for mounting

Fully Loaded: No products found.

The Bully Dog 40410 GT Performance Tuner does four things – tune, monitor, conduct performance tests, and ID engine errors. With all these features, you don’t need to purchase lots of devices. This small, yet power-packed device can help improve your truck and keep it working perfectly by just installing it via your OBDII port and mounting it on your dash.

No products found.

Comes With Everything Out of the Box

The Bully Dog 40410 GT Performance Tuner’s display is full-color and even though there’s no touchscreen, there are buttons on each side of the screen to help you navigate quickly. The package comes with the unit, a MicroSD card to store the datalog and performance records, a plug adaptor, main wire harness, power line, and suction mount. You don’t need to buy anything else!

Lots of Monitoring Options and Your Personal Driving Coach

The display has four stacked rectangles on the left to show numerical data like your RPM and current transmission temperature. The larger area of the screen shows the main parameter in three ways: an analog gauge, an analog gauge with a graph, or just a graph. Along with the gauges you’ll get the Driving Coach. It’s a special monitoring tool exclusive to Bully Dog products that basically judges your driving style. As you drive, it’ll show your driving efficiency and how much energy is wasted due to any poor habits. If you get a high rating, that means you’re maximizing your fuel mileage.

See How Awesome Your Truck is Now with Performance Tests

Another great feature are the Performance Tests. They help you see the changes in your power and speed after installing a tune. A fun test to do is the 0-60 mph test. Get ready to see how quickly you can reach 60mph after using this tuner! Additionally, you can check the improvements on torque and horsepower when you’re preparing to pull a heavy load. Just don’t forget to set the appropriate weight of your vehicle so you can get accurate data.

Why should you buy it?

The Bully Dog 40410 GT Performance Tuner doesn’t only increase your truck’s horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency, it’ll also let you monitor several parameters through its well-designed display. Combined with the Driving Coach and the Performance Tests, you’ll find lots of ways to maximize your truck’s performance and improve your driving habits.



  • Performance tests show you the truck’s improvements after a tune
  • Driving Coach tells you how you can maximize your driving style
  • Shows gauges on the screen in numerical or in graphical view


  • Not touchscreen

No products found.

DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX is one of the newest performance programmers that offers direct updates on different Dodge RAMs with a 5.7 Hemi engine. It has high-performance tunes that will improve the drivability of your car and increase fuel economy. Adjustable parameters include spark timing tables, fuel tables, Volumetric Efficiency, MAP Resolution, MAF curve adjustment, and so much more! You’ll get a wickedly powerful truck with this monster tuner!

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No products found.

Lightweight and Optimized for Readability 

The DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer has a 5-inch, full-color touch screen. It’s lightweight so you can securely mount it on your truck. It is also light-sensitive so the screen will adjust for optimum visibility depending on if its day or night. You can also customize the screen to show up to five gauges to help you figure out whether you still need to calibrate the tune a little more.

3-in-1 Device with Easy Installation  

Similar to the Bully Dog GT, the Trinity Programmer has a lot of features rolled into one: it’s a tuner, a gauge monitor, and a data-logger. It’s very user-friendly and can upgrade your ECU in just 15 minutes. Don’t forget to update the firmware through their ignition updater using your computer! It’s super quick – only takes 2 minutes to complete.

We have to be honest though, there is one small issue – the screen freezes once in a while. It typically happens when it it’s been on for more than 3 hours. It’s an easy to fix, though. You just need to disconnect and reconnect the wire from the back of the unit to get it back to normal.

Why should you buy it?

If you want to squeeze every last drop of torque and horsepower out of your vehicle, the DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer is a great choice. It has a ChipMaster Revolution (CMR), an exclusive feature developed by DiabloSport to help out those enthusiasts who want to improve their truck’s drivability even more after a tune’s been installed. If your truck likes to lag, the DiabloSport Trinity Programmer can fix it by adjusting the throttle to make it much more responsive. There’s also a ton of parameters you can mess with – get ready for a new truck without spending thousands of dollars!



  • Touch screen display
  • Light-sensitive screen
  • Exclusive ChipMaster Revolution that improves drivability


  • Screen Freezes

What is the best tuner for a 5.7 Hemi Ram?

The best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram (RAM 1500) is the Superchips Flashpaq F5, from our testing.

Bring back your truck’s power and enjoy your ride even more by getting one of these best tuners for your Hemi Ram today! If you’re looking for a tuner that gives you the capability to use different customized tunes, then the Bully Dog BDX Programmer is your safe bet. If you’re on a budget but you still think your Ram can perform better with a well-tuned ECU, then choose the Superchips Flashpaq F5 because it won’t empty your wallet. On the other hand, if you want to splurge and take advantage of a full-packed features the Bully Dog GT Performance is a must-have. And finally, if you are looking for a powerful tuner that you can quickly navigate through a touchscreen display, get the DiabloSport Trinity T2 EX Programmer.

These recommended tuners will deliver boosted performance to your Hemi. However, if you’re really looking forward to having the best, make sure to get something that can’t just alter the parameters but also can assess the engine errors and monitor your gauges so you can maximize your money’s worth. Other things to consider include the display for easy reading, Wi-Fi connectivity for immediate updates and downloading of new tunes, and ease of use.

What is the Best Performance Chip for 5.7 Hemi – RAM 1500?

The best performance chip for 5.7 Hemi is the Superchips Flashpaq F5 from our testing and review.

How to Get More Power Out of a 5.7 Hemi with Tuning?

Tools needed:

A tuner

Step 1

Connect the tuner to your truck.

OBD starter

The first step after choosing and purchasing the right tuner is to connect it. For most modern vehicles, you’ll connect through the OBD-II port.

If your tuner comes with an onboard monitor that has a backup camera, then you’ll need to connect the video inputs too. 

Certain tuners are handheld so you don’t have to mount those anywhere, but ones with a large screen can be mounted onto the windshield with the help of a suction mount (like standalone GPS devices).

Step 2

Choosing a tune

Best Tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram - RAM 1500 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

And it’s a match! If you select the right tuner for your 5.7 Hemi, it will work the way it’s intended to — letting you get into the nuts and bolts of the computer (so to speak) and adjust the controls and settings to your driving needs. It’s time to make the truck more powerful.

You can either choose from one of the preloaded tunes that come with the device, or buy and download one from the respective tuner’s website. With most tuners, you can also go back to the stock tune, if there’s ever a need.

On the handheld devices, the tuner will upload the tune into the ECU, after which you can disconnect the device. On the larger, fixed ones, you don’t have to disconnect the device — since these also offer live performance stats, errors, etc.

To load a tune, you need to select the tune and follow the onboard instructions. Most likely, to activate the new tune, the device will instruct you to switch the vehicle off and switch it on again, without turning the engine on.

Step 3

Best Tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram - RAM 1500 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

You can also change different parameters.

Every tuner will have a different way of accessing the feature, but most tuners come with a graphical user interface. So navigate through menus and see what parameters can help you get the most out of your truck. 

Step 4

Access other useful features, depending on your tuner

Best Tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram - RAM 1500 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

On tuners with an onboard monitor, you can also check if there are any performance issues in real-time. Various error codes can also be cleared with the help of a tuner.

These are some basic steps for tuning a 5.7 Hemi. If you’re after a more advanced approach, getting a tuner and setting your parameters might be the right way forward for you. You can also learn high-level tuning through tuning courses.

Best Tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram by Years – 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

What’s the best tuner for 2011 5.7 Hemi Ram?
If you’re after a no-nonsense tuner for your 2011 5.7 Hemi Ram, there’s possibly nothing better than the Superchips Flashpaq. The handheld tuner is easy to use, doesn’t take much space in the cabin, and it offers almost everything most other tuners have as well.
What’s the best tuner for 2012 5.7 Hemi Ram?
For the 2012 5.7 Hemi Ram, the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT is a great choice. It’s one of the tuners by the brand made specifically for gas engines. Apart from easy installation, free updates from the internet, full-color display, and stats that can be displayed in real-time, it comes with Bully Dog’s Driving Coach feature. This helps you improve your driving habits — and in return, burn less gas.
What’s the best tuner for 2014 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi?
If you’re after a tuner that displays some information while giving you the ability to modify your vehicle’s performance the way you’d like, the Diablosport Trinity T2 EX is a good choice. Apart from the ability to support bolt-on performance upgrades to the engine, it displays everything beautifully thanks to its high-res display. And you can revert back to the stock tune whenever you want.
What’s the best tuner for 2016 5.7 Hemi Ram?
For the 2016 Ram 5.7 Hemi Ram, the Bullydog BDX tuner makes for a good choice. Its handy form factor is backed by some great features including the ability to download tunes over Wi-Fi, check and clear DTCs, and store up to 10 custom tunes. The color display might not be the largest but it can still show a lot of data — and is customizable as well.
What’s the best tuner for 2017 5.7 Hemi Ram?
With the Bully Dog BDX Tuner, you can get your 5.7 Hemi to produce more power and torque. But that’s not all, it can also clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), allow you to store up to 10 custom tunes (that can be purchased from Bully Dog’s website), and even use the screen to display important engine data.
What’s the best tuner for 2018 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi?
If you have a 2018 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi and are looking for a tuner, the Diablosport i3 makes perfect sense. The handheld tuner comes with the latest ARM processor, a high-res screen (although not a large one), and a myriad of features. Diablosport will send a custom PCM to you and you’ll need to send your stock PCM back to the company. Apart from the ability to check and clear DTCs, export the truck’s diagnostic data to a PC/Mac, and calibrating various parameters (including the speedometer, top speed, and rev limiter), this competition-only tuner can also add horsepower and torque. From the Diablosport-supplied tunes, you can give your truck up to an additional 33 hp.
What’s the best tuner for 2019 5.7 Hemi Ram?
There’s a good chance that your 2019 5.7 Hemi Ram has a large touchscreen unit, so adding another screen might just mean unnecessarily adding clutter to the cabin. So using a smaller, handheld tuner like the Superchips Flashpaq F5 3846-S1 might make more sense. The tuner is compatible with 2019-2020 5.7 Hemi Ram and features everything you can expect from a compact device like this one. It has a small screen to make it easy for you to navigate through menus and apply the desired tune. It can also read and clear DTCs and make a variety of corrections: speedometer, tire size, axle ratio, etc. It can be updated from the Internet, and most importantly, can add up to 29 hp to your existing setup.