Last Updated: 04.11.2021

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Many say that the Dodge RAM is the king of the trucking world, praising it for its numerous virtues. For a start, it is a great road cruiser, with lots of power, good fuel economy, and smooth handling. And it is a capable off-road machine, as the link-coil rear suspension and impressive ground clearance lets it tackle any kind of terrain. Moreover, if we talk about payload and towing capacities, this is where the RAM is unbeatable. Lastly, with engines ranging from economical V6, over a legendary HEMI, to a well-proven Cummins diesel, RAM offers a powertrain solution for every application. Everybody will agree that this is a great truck straight from the factory. Still, all of that does not mean that there is no room for improvements.

If you are thinking about upgrading and modifying your RAM, then you’re in luck. With a wide range of aftermarket parts and assemblies available on the market, tuning options are practically endless. You can choose from suspension upgrades, engine modifications, heavy-duty exterior parts to aftermarket lights. In this article, we will go through most popular mods and upgrades, explaining what are they designed for.


Suspension modifications

Suspension upgrades will transform both driving characteristics and looks of your truck. With a ton of choices on the market, you need to know what you want to achieve. Lift and leveling kits will give your truck more ground clearance, making it unstoppable on trails, especially if combined with a disconnecting sway bar. Lowering springs, on the other hand, will improve on-road and cornering capabilities by lowering the center of gravity. Lastly, an air ride kit will give your truck a smooth ride.

Lift and leveling kits – what’s the difference?

Lift kits and leveling kits are one of the most popular modifications on any truck, and the same goes for RAM.

Leveling kit

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

A leveling kit, in general, lifts only the front of your truck. In most cases, this is a spacer that goes on either at the top or the bottom of the strut, bringing up the front of the truck. Trucks are designed with a front end that sits lower than a rear, so when you load the bed, it sits leveled. By installing a leveling kit, you are bringing up the front of the truck so it is at the same level as the rear when not loaded. In most cases, a leveling kit ranges from 2” – 3”, as anything above that would upset the suspension geometry, causing excessive stress on the front end of your truck.

Lift kit

Dodge Ram Lift Kit

A lift kit, on the other hand, affects both the front and the rear of your truck. Usually, the front suspension gets modified spindles, sway bar links, and longer struts, while other parts stay original. On the rear suspension, the situation is somewhat similar as when installing a leveling kit, only now you are doing it to the rear. Unlike most trucks, newer RAMs use coil springs on the rear, and a suitable spacer is installed at the top of them to bring the rear end up.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

With prices ranging from $50 to $150, leveling kits are an affordable option for raising your truck up to 3″. Anything above that will call for a lift kit, and this will set you back anywhere from $500 to $1500.

Whatever kit you choose, if you are looking at saving some money, consider installing it yourself. It’s actually not that hard and doesn’t require any special tools. Check out the videos below for more information.

How to install a leveling kit

If you encounter problems after installation, check out our guide on how to resolve Ram 1500 leveling kit issues.

How to install a lift kit  

Air ride

Dodge Ram Front Air Suspension

Air ride kit essentially replaces coil springs with air-bags, which are filled with pressurized air. There is also some hardware that goes along with this. Additional frames which hold the air-bags are installed on the chassis. Next, there is a reservoir and an air compressor which supply pressurized air to the system. Lastly, height sensors are installed to monitor the ride height at each corner. Other components, such as shock absorbers or sway bars, remain unchanged.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

What are the advantages of this system? 

One of the advantages of this system is an adjustable ride height. With lower ride height, you get easier entrance into the truck, reduced drag, and better fuel economy. However, since serious off-road driving needs more ground clearance, a higher approach and departure angles are needed, so ride height needs to be as high as possible. With air ride, you can have both. Finally, the adjustable ride height will prevent the rear end from sagging down under the load, as the system will automatically increase air pressure to raise the truck bed up. Another benefit of air suspension systems is improved ride quality, as the truck will feel pretty much the same from a comfort standpoint regardless of how much weight it’s carrying.

As you might imagine, they don’t come cheap. Prices for a whole kit range from $1.500 to $2.500.

Although these kits will generally come with prefabricated parts and all the accessories, you will still need to do some measuring, drilling, and cutting. Still, this is more than manageable for a DIY-er. Check out the video below for more information.

Lowering kits – what are they for?

Dodge Ram Lowering Kit

Lowering kits are another popular modification, although you may not associate it with a RAM truck at first. This provides several important advantages that you might not be aware. Lowered trucks will have the center of gravity lower to the road surface. This will improve the handling and reduce the body roll, allowing higher speeds through turns. Getting in and out of the truck will also be much easier and comfortable. And loading heavy items in the bed will require less effort. Majority of lowering kits come with new springs, shock absorbers, and all the hardware needed for installation.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Much like lift kits, prices vary depending on how low you want to go. Going down less than 3″ will require just for springs to be replaced, and they can be found for around $250. However, for lowering more than 3″, shock absorbers should be replaced as well. Kits that include springs and shocks go for $400 – $500.

You can easily install any lowering kit by yourself, as it not that hard and does not require any special tools. Check out the video below for more information.

In the end, a few words about the law. Although some states may limit the amount of lift or prohibit leveling kits, most states have no restrictions regarding suspension modifications. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.

Air intakes

Looking for an easy-to-install and affordable way to get some more punch out of your engine? Then modified air intakes should be your first step. These aftermarket performance parts are bolted on and will not cost you a fortune. You can go either for a performance filter or cold air intake.

Cold Air Intake

A good Cold Air Intake (CAI) is designed to move the air filter away from the heat of the engine and feed the engine with oxygen-rich cold outside air. When that air enters into the cylinder, you get a larger bang and a little bit more power. There are several advantages. First of all, they are very easy to install and make the engine bay look better. All you need is a basic tool set and a few hours of spare time. The stock air-filter box is replaced with an intake tube, which is usually made out of stainless steel and a massive open air filter. Next, if installed correctly and combined with a proper engine tune, performance gains can be expected.  So, when choosing a CAI setup for your RAM, make sure that the filter is not near the engine, and that there is good heat insulation. Lastly, but most importantly – the sound. The stock air filter box acts as a resonator, muffling intake sounds. This makes your truck quieter and more civilized. With the air filter box removed, the cold air intake will make a tremendous roar when you put your foot down. That sound will be truly addictive.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices go from $150 to $300, depending on the brand and application. Installation is very simple and straightforward. Check out the video below for more information.

Panel filter

A performance panel air filter is a less intrusive option that still allows your truck to breath a bit easier. They are a direct replacement to your stock air filter, which adds a little bit more power to your engine. Instead of paper, these high-flow units have several layers of premium cotton gauze, pleated between wire screen mesh. As cotton naturally breaths easier than paper, this results in increased airflow and reduced restriction. As a result, your truck will run better and have more power. The secret to increased airflow without engine protection sacrifices lies within the air filter oil, which is suspended within thousands of microscopic cotton fibers. The cotton gauze media and sturdy construction allow these air filters to be cleaned time and again by using an appropriate service kit. This will save you money over time and help reduce the waste associated with disposable filters.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices for this type of filter go from $30 to $60, and installation is no different than replacing your stock filter. Check out the video below for more information.

Regarding the law, most states don’t have any special regulations regarding engine modifications. However, in the state of California, all engine upgrades must be CARB approved. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.

Off-road bumpers

A set of off-road bumpers can completely transform both the look and performance of your truck. They give you clearance for larger tires, protection from rocks and trees, a better approach, and departure angle. On top of all of that, they will give your truck a more aggressive and menacing look. However, a set of good off-road bumpers can be pricey and finding the right one can be complicated. With different styles and types of construction, they are designed to improve your truck in a specific way.

Heavy duty off-road bumper

Heavy duty off-road bumper is the most common choice for most off-roaders, as they offer incredible protection for your truck using a thick steel plate, welded together into a solid one-piece construction. This makes them strong, durable, and able to handle serious punishment. They are very tough and capable of handling trees, rocks, and anything else you may encounter while on the trail. As they are very popular, there are many different configurations and styles are available. They are designed with steep angles, which improves departure and approach angles. Also, with sharp angles and bumper being flushed to the vehicle, much larger tires can be installed.

Prices for these go from $700 to $1200.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Winch bumper

A winch bumper is something you need if going for some serious off-roading. A winch can be one of the most valuable tools that you can have when out on the trail. Still, as bolting a winch to a stock bumper is not possible, you will need a winch bumper. This is something that is strong enough to support the weight of your truck while being pulled out of a muddy hole. In general, there are three main types of winch bumpers. Some of them incorporate the winch behind the bumper itself. Others have the winch the front of the bumper using a frame. And some bumpers simply have a bracket on top, allowing you to bolt the winch in that spot.

Prices for these start at around $900.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prerunner bumpers

Prerunner bumpers were primarily developed for high-speed desert racing. They are designed to prevent a rollover if a truck nosedives after a jump. In such situations, a stock bumper tends to dig into the ground, which may flip over the truck. A prerunner bumper, on the other hand, will slide over the ground. They are made from steel or aluminum tubing, to keep them strong and lightweight. However, they are not as strong as a heavy-duty steel plate bumper. Also, as they are designed for desert racing, there are many mounting points for auxiliary lighting. It is worth mentioning that the majority of prerunner bumpers are offered with a winch or a winch-mounting point.

Prices for these range from $1200 to $2500.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Rear bumpers

Rear bumpers, as similar to front ones, come in two different configurations. The first kind is heavy duty, which is constructed out of steel plates welded together. Other kind is called prerunner, with welded steel tubing for a compact and lightweight design. Still, both of these types offer great additional features besides just protection and performance. For starters, trailer hitches, as they are not necessarily standard on all trucks. In that case, getting an off-road rear bumper with an integrated hitch allows you to have the off-road protection combined with additional towing versatility. Next, for serious off-road use, D-ring mounts are a must. Depending on how and where you get stuck, having mounds in both the front and the rear is important. With a wide selection of off-road rear bumpers on the market, you just need to decide which one is perfect for you. Lastly, having an integrated step is an important and helpful feature that allows easier climbing on to the truck bed.

You can find a completely equipped rear bumper for $600.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Some general notes

Once you figure out what bumper type you want, you need to select your finish. Usually, there are only two options: black powder-coat or raw steel. A standard black powder coat is most common because it’s perfect for off-roading. It protects the metal itself from rust and corrosion and it’s way stronger against impacts and traditional paint, plus it does look great. A bare metal gives you the option to make your bumper your own and unique to your truck. You can paint it to match, use accent colors and it’s all up to you well everyone.

As these bumpers are prefabricated to fit your truck, fitment is quite straightforward in most cases. However, you might need an extra pair of hands to help you, because these bumpers can be very heavy. Check out the video below for more information.

Most state laws don’t have any restrictions when it comes to bumpers. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.

Exterior modifications

Grille guard

The grille guard is a great way to add both looks and protection to your truck when running a stock bumper. In most cases, they are constructed out of welded steel tubing that wraps around the front end of your truck. Some grille guards are designed just to protect the front grille, while others go all the way around the headlights and usually include a mesh or lateral bars for added protection. In both cases, the true purpose is to keep the front end of your truck protected from tree limbs and tall brush. And with an additional mesh grille, it will even provide increased protection from smaller debris, such as small rocks and sticks.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices start from $500 but can go as high as $1000. Check out the video below for installation information.

Front grille

Speaking of grilles, if you think that factory grille looks a little bit boring than an aftermarket one is what you need. It will make the front end look more aggressive and a little bit stealthier. With various styles and finishes to choose from, you should easily find a grille that will enhance the style and look of your RAM in a way you like the most. And you might expect better cooling effects, as most grilles allow better airflow to the radiators and intercoolers.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices from $150 to $500. Check out the video below for installation information.

Bull bar with skid plate

Skid plates are an important addition to your RAM if you are doing some serious off-roading. These metal plates are designed to protect all the important parts, such as the oil pan, transmission components, suspension, and cooling system. When on the trail, damage on any of these parts would end your day quite quickly. But aside from actually protecting all of those parts, having a skid plate will give you the confidence to get over obstacles that you otherwise wouldn’t try to tackle. As they are designed specifically for your truck, installing them is easy and usually does not require any modifications or fabrications.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices from $200 to $400. Check out the video below for installation information.

Fender flares

There are several reasons why fender flares are a very useful addition on your RAM. First, maybe you want that aggressive off-road styling to the exterior appearance of your truck. Next, you might have a wheels and tires combo that sticks out just a little bit from your fenders. This is usually illegal for road use, so adding fender flares extends that coverage over the tires and makes them street legal and it also gives your truck a little bit of a wider stance. Lastly, they will protect the paint and body panels from rocks or road debris, both on and off-road, being kicked up and damaging your body and paint. Having fender flares gives you that extra coverage around the wheel well arches, so if something does get kicked up, it hits these and not your body panels.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices from $200 to $400. Check out the video below for installation information.

Side steps & running boards

Side steps or running boards are one of the ‘must-have’ upgrades on any truck, especially if it is lifted. Not only that these will make getting in and out of the truck much easier, but they will also improve the appearance of your truck, making it look tougher. And they also add some side impact protection. You can choose from various shapes, step plates, and finishes to find a type that best suits your RAM. Installation is, in most cases, very simple, and requires fixing it with just several bolts.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices start at around $200 but can go up over $1000. Check out the video below for installation information.

Most state laws don’t have any restrictions when it comes to exterior add-ons. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.


Gasoline engine tuning

Your RAM comes from the factory tuned in such a way to ensure an optimum balance of various factors, with power being just one of them. Things such as gas mileage, durability, prolonged maintenance intervals, various running conditions, and unfavorable driver habits are some of the aspects that the manufacturer takes into account when tuning the engine. While trying to balance all these factors, the factory tuned engine is not developing its full power and torque potential. However, this means that you can install an aftermarket tune, unleashing that hidden power in a relatively easy and inexpensive way. Engine tuning is trying to get the right mix of variables for peak engine performance. There are several ways this can be done.

Map tuning

Map tuning is a much better option. In the past, you would actually physically replace a chip on your car with another one that would have different software loaded on to it. This would result in altered engine parameters and increased horsepower. Today, it’s as simple as plugging into your OBD2 port and installing new software. This is done using a laptop or a handheld tuning device. These devices connect to the OBD2 port to read and write the engine map tune. In most cases, handheld devices come with various tunes installed on the device, giving you a number of high-performance preset tunes. Usually, they will include a tune for 91 octane or 93 octane fuel, with or without a cold air intake. You can also modify the stock tune, remove the speed limiter, change the spark advance, or change the transmission shift points. And, of course, you can change the fuel table to make it run richer or leaner. On top of that, these devices usually can be used as diagnostic and scan tools, as well. Another popular option for RAM engines is swapping out the PCM with another unit that has a tuned map installed.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

A good tuner, such as this Predator P2 from DiabloSport, can be found for $350.


Last, but definitely not the least, is the real power gainer – the supercharger. This is a belt driven air compressor that provides a huge increase in power and acceleration while keeping stock drivability, sound, and street manners. As HEMI engines are very popular, there are a number of kits that are designed to be easy to install. These kits make your RAM both at home while sitting in the traffic or blasting through a high rpm run. Usually, a supercharger kit includes all that you need for the upgrade. A manifold with a rotor assembly with an integrated air-to-water intercooler which cools the air charge and intake runners. A flash tuner, preloaded with a specific calibration tune file for your new supercharged engine. An integral high-efficiency air-to-water heat exchanger that fits under your stock hood. And finally, all the accessories and wiring needed to complete the installation. Usually, supercharger has a self-contained lubrication system, so drilling the oil pan or plumbing is not needed. The supercharger widens the powerband, making your RAM perfect for all out highway blast, as well as everyday street duty. As these upgrades are usually very balanced and quiet, there is no penalty in day-to-day driving. But all those extra horses are just a push of the throttle away from being unleashed.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Supercharger kits are not very cheap, with prices ranging from $5.500 to $7.000.

Regarding the law, most states don’t have any special regulations regarding engine modifications. However, in the state of California, all engine upgrades must be CARB approved. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.

Diesel engine tuning

Diesel RAM trucks use engines made by a company called Cummins, and they are a powerful, durable, and reliable power plant that serves any need – daily driving, towing, and performance. Cummins engine is a great name in the industry and there is a reason for that, as a lot of time, energy and resources to was invested into these units. Still, as with any other modern-day diesel engine, you can upgrade the performance of a Cummins engine by using several tuning methods.

Map tuning

As with gasoline engines, installing an aftermarket tune is the easiest way. Although Cummins engines pack enormous horsepower and torque with class-leading tow ratings and smart exhaust brake, it is no secret that these units are somewhat detuned from the factory. This is where various tuners and chips come into play, helping you to unlock the potential in this enormous power plant. These handheld devices connect to the OBD2 port, allowing you to alter parameters such as boost pressure, amount of fuel or turbine actuation. Not only that this will give your truck more power, but it will also widen the torque range. This allows more favorable use of the engine power, keeping the engine speed down. As a result, you even get better mileage. And the best thing, it is all done without any hardware modifications. Tuning is a safe and easy way to add power to your vehicle, as there are no permanent irreversible modifications.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Among many devices on the market, Smarty seems to be the most popular option. They are around $500.

Bigger turbocharger, intercooler, and injectors

Still, the amount of additional power you can get from ECU tuning is limited by stock engine parts. So, if you are looking for serious power upgrades, some hardware modifications must be done. First of all, a larger turbo will ensure that there is enough charge air. Secondly, a more effective aftermarket intercooler will cool down that air. Lastly, bigger injectors are needed to supply enough fuel into the equation. However, you must be very careful with these modifications, as they can easily drive your engine to the limit.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Also, this big power will not be cheap, as you can easily spend over $10,000 to get all this done.

DPF delete – should you do it?

Modern diesel engines utilize various emission control systems. They are not only used to keep the pollution down but to make the engine operation more civilized as well. Newer RAM trucks use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DEF) in conjunction with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems. These systems are often accused of killing performance, and many truck owners decide to remove them. This is especially noticeable when it comes to DPF, as they can clog up if the vehicle is not maintained properly. Although removing DPF will surely remove any eventual exhaust restrictions, there are several drawbacks that go with emission system delete. It is illegal in most places, and it will disrupt the fine manners of your truck, taking away that smoke and smell free ride.

Regarding the law, most states don’t have any special regulations regarding engine modifications. However, in the state of California, all engine upgrades must be CARB approved. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.

Exhaust tuning

If you are looking at ways to get some extra horsepower from your engine, installing a performance exhaust system will probably be your first step. For start, it is not very expensive when you compare it to other engine power upgrades. And if you go for the cat-back system built specifically for your truck’s make and model, it is quite simple to install, too. This is an affordable way for increasing horsepower by maximizing exhaust airflow. A properly designed aftermarket system reduces exhaust flow restrictions, allowing decent power gains for. When talking about truck such as RAM, there are several notable choices.

Cat-back system

Dodge Ram Cat-Back Exhaust

A cat-back system will change everything behind the catalytic converter onwards, hence the name cat-back. These systems usually include new mid and intermediate pipes, mufflers and resonators. Axle-back system, on the other hand, will only change the muffler and exhaust. A cat-back system generally offers more performance gains compared to an axle-back system. However, this comes at a higher price as they tend to cost noticeably more. Axle-back system, being a cheaper and more affordable alternative, is a good option if you are aiming to change the exhaust note of your car.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices from $350 to $1200, depending on the brand and exhaust configuration.


Another important segment of the exhaust is mid-pipes, as these can have a noticeable impact on engine performance. The main pipe choices are Y-pipe, X-pipe, and H-pipe. Some RAM trucks may come with Y-pipe from the factory, combining two exhaust sides into one single exit. With X-pipes offering increases in peak horsepower and H-pipes increasing low-end torque, it comes down to personal preference. Although the X-pipe seems as like a logical choice, as it allows better overall power gains, do not underestimate the importance of the low-end torque gained from the H-pipe. This is very useful in cars that need to do towing and in daily driving circumstances, where torque is more useful than peak horsepower.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices range from $50 to $150.

High-performance catalytic converter

Straight piping is only an option for those who are planning on making a track-only truck or if you live in an area that doesn’t have strict emission regulations. This involves removing the catalytic converter and replacing it with a piece of pipe. However, this is illegal in many areas, so be sure to check your local laws before doing so. A much better option is installing a high flow performance catalytic converter. Many tests have shown that modern high flow catalytic converters have no negative impact on engine performance. There are two different types. Cheaper ones that have ceramic substrate rely on lower cell count, ranging from 400 to 100 cells. As this causes lower catalytic capability, your engine will have to be tuned for optimum efficiency. Also, they are not suitable for heavy-duty application due to their low meltdown temperature. More durable and expensive ones have a metallic substrate. Here, as the mesh structure is considerably thinner, there is far less restriction. Also, as a metallic substrate has a much higher meltdown point, they can withstand high exhaust temperatures that are present in heavy-duty applications.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

You can find a good high-performance catalytic converter with a metallic core for about $100.

Performance exhaust headers

Most stock engines have exhaust manifolds made out of cast-iron material. Although they are quite heavy and tend to be less-than-optimal when it comes to air flow, manufacturers still use them due to the low price and better sound reduction. Still, if you are going for maximum performance on a naturally aspirated engine, a set of performance headers is a way to go. There are two main ways how this helps bring up the power. One of them is larger piping, which improves exhaust flow. The other thing is that long exhaust pipes support scavenging effect. In addition to this, aftermarket headers offer lighter weight, increased build quality, and better appearance. However, they come with a very high price tag, and fitment can sometimes be troublesome due to the bulkiness.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Prices range from $250 for short headers, to over $800 for long headers.

Almost all states require trucks to have mufflers and prohibit any kind of exhaust cut-outs and mufflers. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.

Performance brake kits

Anytime you add weight to your vehicle by hauling a load-towing trailer or even adding heavier wheels and tires, you make your brakes work a lot harder. As that generates much more heat, your stock brakes may not be up to the challenge. You may experience brake fade or even extended stopping distances during these high brake temperatures. By installing an uprated brake kit, you replace brake rotors, pads and sometimes even brake calipers.

Brake pads

Performance brake pads are made using a carbon fiber ceramic compound. The carbon fibers reinforce the pad compound to withstand heat and improve stopping power. The ceramic makeup also provides superior resistance to brake fade and reduces that annoying brake squeal, providing a smooth, noise-free ride while keeping your wheels looking clean.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories


Brake rotors that come in these kits usually have slots on them. Not only do they look great behind your wheels, but they also help prevent rotor heat damage. The slot patterns are designed to provide maximum cooling and to help wipe away brake dust and debris. All of this ensures that your pads grip tightly each time.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories


Dodge Ram Calipers

Lastly, with uprated brake calipers, you get an increased amount of clamping pressure, which results in greater braking force. There are various types, such as brake calipers with larger pistons, multiple piston calipers, or staggered pistons calipers. The key to a good brake kit is the confidence it gives you to stop whenever you need to, whether you are towing a load, driving at high speed, or in any other situation.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Installing pads and rotors is relatively easy. Brake calipers are not much harder but do require brake lines to be bleed.

While most states don’t have any specific regulations regarding brake upgrades, they all have various maximum stopping distances. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.


There is a whole range of aftermarket lights that will boost both visibility and appearance of your RAM. Whether you are looking for headlights or taillights that will make your truck stand out in the crowd, powerful fog lights that will improve your safety, or auxiliary lights for hitting the trail after the sunset, you will have a wide selection to pick from.

Headlights & tail lights

Factory installed headlights do their job just right, but they are not going to turn any heads. You can replace them with an aftermarket option that will make your truck look stunning, whether it’s a stealthy black-out style, a race-inspired feel, or a splash of color. To make your truck even better, aftermarket headlights usually offer better illumination, upgrading your RAM’s visibility. There are many options you can choose, such as CCFL Halos, daytime running lights, or LED accents. Another important distinction is between projector and non-projector models, which are available in chrome or matte-black finish. As similar as with headlights, aftermarket RAM tail lights improve both safety and appearance. This is especially noticeable during nighttime or in rough weather. And again, you can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and setups.

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

The Ultimate Guide to Dodge Ram Performance Upgrades, Mods and Accessories

Additional lights

Another very popular and common option that RAM owners choose is additional lights. As they are available in many shapes and sizes, you are sure to find one that matches your needs perfectly. Have in mind that each light pattern is used for a specific application. While spotlights penetrate far into the darkness, driving lights spread the light in front of your truck, giving better all-around visibility. Additionally, there are floodlights, which are an ideal choice for worksites or as back-up lights due to their extra-wide illumination spread. Lastly, additional fog lights will give you better visibility in bad weather. These can be mounted on the bumper, above the cab, or almost anywhere you need some added lights.

When buying a set of headlights or tail lights, make sure that they are road legal. Look for DOT, FMVSS, or SAE certificates. As for additional lights, some states limit the number of them that can be installed. Consult your local laws for more detailed information.