Last Updated: 26.01.2021

Best Tuners and Programmers for 7.3 Powerstroke (2021)

The difference between driving something that’s been tuned and a standard truck is night and day. Once you experience it, you’ll never want to go back to using a regular factory model truck. And if your truck has a 7.3 Powerstroke engine, luck you because you’re sitting on the holy grail of customization. With the right equipment, you can make modifications to almost everything, like gas mileage and horsepower. If you’re ready to go to the next level, give your truck a performance boost with one of our recommended best programmers and tuners for 7.3 Powerstroke engines.

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The 4 Best Tuners for 7.3 Powerstroke:

  1. 1805 FORD SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ PROGRAMMERthe best tuner for 7.3 Powerstroke
  2. FORD POWERSTROKE DIESEL 7.3 TS PERFORMANCE 6 – the best value 7.3 Powerstroke chip
  3. EDGE EVOLUTION PROGRAMMER – the most powerful tuner for 7.3 Powerstroke programmer
  4. SCT X4 PERFORMANCE TUNER – 7.3 Powerstroke Programmer

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1. 1805 FORD SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ PROGRAMMER – the best tuner for 7.3 Powerstroke

If you’re looking for a significant performance boost, you can’t go wrong with the 1805 Ford Superchips Flashpaq Programmer. This handheld tuning device can increase the truck’s horsepower, torque, and fuel economy through a simple plug-and-play process, which makes it the most convenient among the 7.3 Powerstroke tuners in the list. It also includes a 1 year limited warranty.

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Boost Your Truck’s Performance and Clear Diagnostic Codes

Compatible with F-250 to F-550 models from 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke diesel trucks, the Flashpaq programmer can let you customize the speed limiter and tire adjustment (supports up to 38 inches). Based on the tuning level, the 7.3 Ford Powerstroke horsepower can be increased from 70 to 110 HP and its torque from 150 ft/lbs to 200 ft/lbs. It’s a crazy enhancement you’ll notice immediately. This can mean smoother speed performance and seamless towing, depending on how you use your vehicle.

The Flashpaq programmer can also let you know what’s going on under the hood through its diagnostic trouble code (DTC) readings. You’ll know, in real-time, if your tune is causing problems. It also allows the vehicle’s rig to be reconfigured to optimize the air-fuel ratio and remap the transmission shift points.

Easy to Update Over Wi-Fi or With USB

The Superchips Flashpaq application is updateable over Wi-Fi or by connecting the device to the computer via the USB port. The latest programs can also be downloaded the same way. This is certainly an important feature to keep the device up-to-date and bug-free. Failure to update your device could cause installation issues like error codes or connection problems.  

Smooth Installation and Simple Screen Navigation

You’re already almost done with installation by just connecting the tuner to the OBDII port (located under the vehicle’s dash). The device will prompt you through a series of instructions. The installation progress percentage is also displayed on the screen, so it’s easy to tell whether it’s done or not. Once loaded and saved, the tune options can be customized according to your preferred performance.

After installation, the vehicle’s speed limiter and rev limiter are ready for adjustment. You can also adjust the truck’s speedometer and odometer in accordance with the tire size and gear ratios for some vehicle types. Unfortunately, the gear ratio adjustment is not available for F250, F350, F450, F550 models.

The simplicity and clarity of the LCD screen make it easy to read. With its three-button navigation system, truck tuning is hassle-free. It’s got a built-in help screen where you can see detailed instructions on how you can achieve your truck’s optimum performance. The body is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. It also comes with a cable so you can permanently mount your device. The cable’s physical connection to the truck is strong and won’t budge either, so any cable jostling won’t interfere with the tuning and monitoring. Its backlit screen makes it visible, even in areas with bad lighting or for night use.

Why do we like it?

We think the 1805 Ford Superchips Flashpaq Programmer is the best 7.3 Powerstroke programmer because of its ability to boost your truck quickly and seamlessly, as compared to the other products we’ll review below. Along with those amazing HP and torque boosts, you’ll also be able to address DTCs if they arise. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, its easy to read LCD screen, and ergonomic grip, this device is made for people that want to play with their tuner. They also have amazing customer support so in case you encounter a problem during the process, you are guaranteed that someone will help you out.



  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Wi-Fi Capable
  • Easy to read LCD and Ergonomic Grip


  • Ratio Adjustment availability is limited to certain models

2. FORD POWERSTROKE DIESEL 7.3 TS PERFORMANCE 6 – the best value 7.3 Powerstroke chip

The Ford Powerstroke Diesel 7.3 TS Performance 6, popular among the available 7.3 Powerstroke chips, is compatible for 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke engines. It boosts engine power and improves fuel economy. The fuel savings after use for a short time really makes it worth the money along with the amazing lifetime warranty. It’ll give your old 7.3 Powerstroke a new life with lots of power. 

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Comes With Powerful Tunes for Optimum Performance

The device weighs 4 ounces and it tiny – you can mount the knob that switches the tunes almost anywhere you want in your truck. It doesn’t have a screen. This tuner kit comes with the chip, knob, installation instructions, program card, and a scouring pad intended for cleaning the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) connectors.

The tuner comes with the following settings:

  • Stock
  • High idle
  • 50hp
  • 75hp
  • 100hp
  • 140hp

You can easily turn the vehicle’s tune from one setting to another by simply turning the included knob that is mounted on the dash. If the truck is automatic, the device can also provide a firmer shift on the transmission so you can swiftly switch from one gear to another. 

Depending on your truck’s year and model, there are two other tunes available for the TS Performance 6 Chip that you can use as well. You can swap out any of them (except for stock) to add the anti-theft tune (the truck won’t start when in the setting) or the valet tune (limits your speed to 70mph) for a maximum of six tunes.

Connects Directly to the PCM

Installation is made easy by following the how-to videos available online or with the installation instructions provided in the package. Here are some tips to help you quickly install the tuner in your 7.3 Powerstroke Ford truck. If you follow the instructions, it’ll be a 15- 30-minute installation.

The first step is to disconnect both the negative and positive ends of the battery. After disconnecting, don’t forget to touch the opposing ends of the positive and negative cables, in order to discharge the remaining system electricity. Another way to do it is to just disconnect the batteries and start the ignition two to three times. Then, on one of the cycles, leave the key in the “on” position. Then turn on the radio. It’s important to do this so you can ensure that all the residual electricity is gone from your system and you won’t fry the PCM box.

To clean the PCM box, scrape the protective coating on both sides of the PCM port using a flat-tip screwdriver. Wrap the scouring pad that’s included around the tip of the screwdriver. Scrub vigorously 3-5 times onto the port, and then inspect. Repeat until the copper is exposed on all the “fingers” at about ¼ inch. Once that’s done, your PCM box is clean. You’re ready to plug the chip in. 

Why do we like it?

The Ford TS Performance is the best value chip for 7.3 Powerstroke engines because it usually comes packed with six tunes that you can play around to ensure that you can increase your truck’s seamless road advantage. It’s also a complete package so you won’t need to make additional purchases just to experience its tuning capabilities. The installation, even though it’s more steps than the Superchips Flashpaq Programmer, is pretty easy if you follow our tips and YouTube installation videos.

Note: be aware if the chip you’re buying is blank or if it’s already burned with the tunes you want. The Amazon link we listed is blank, but the seller will program it for you as long as you tell them your truck’s details and what tunes you want.



  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30-minute Direct Installation
  • Easy Cleaning Procedure


  • Not approved in California
  • No screen

3. EDGE EVOLUTION PROGRAMMER – the most powerful tuner for 7.3 Powerstroke programmer

The Edge Evolution Programmer 15001 has the capability to turn your 7.3 Powerstroke into a power-packed monster. It works well on both manual and automatic transmissions. 

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Monitor Your Truck’s Performance and Improve Your Driving Habits

The Edge Evolution Programmer is so small; it’s just the size of your palm. There are four buttons on the left side – menu, up, down and enter – which makes the navigation and modification simple.

The device will mount permanently on your dashboard. To install, you have to drill and tap the exhaust manifold and plug it on your OBDII port under your steering wheel. The included manual has pictures to help you out. 

You can monitor 4 parameters at most. Watching things like the oil temperature or the EGT will help you see how your driving style affects your truck and help you find underlying problems.

Register to Protect Your Programmer and Receive the Latest Updates 

As soon as you receive the device, take the time to register your product through Edge’s online product registration. If you register, you’ll always be informed of the latest updates for the tuner from Edge directly. They continuously provide product updates to improve the efficacy and safety of their device. Additionally, in case you’ve lost your device, Edge can help you find it or remotely block others from using it. Plus, on top of the 90-day standard warranty, you’ll have the option to extend it for up to 1-year for extra assurance in case your device experiences a problem. Edge can either repair or replace it without you spending a dime.

3 Pre-Packaged Tunes Ready to Go 

The Edge Evolution Programmer comes with 3 pre-customized tunes and a stock program. If you don’t want a lot of power, you can tone down the tunes for better long drive experience.

  • Tow-Only Program – the lowest tune that increases your horsepower and torque yet maintains your truck’s safety when used for towing. It modifies your exhaust system to get overall performance and reduce your exhaust gas temperature which is helpful when you have to tow heavy loads.
  • Race Performance Program – If you want a speed boost, the race performance tune is professionally created to give you that oomph as you step on the accelerator. In case you still want to tow using this program, you need to adjust your exhaust system and install an EGT to keep your engine working best and to avoid hurting the truck.
  • Extreme Performance Program – To achieve maximum performance, the level 3 program is your best choice. This is aggressively customized to improve the fuel efficiency and power, and you’ll quickly experience a boost.

After your initial tune, you have the option to change specific parameters available for your 7.3 Powerstroke. One of the parameters you can customize is the speed limiter. Factory speed limit values are generally based on the tolerances of the powertrain components. But through the Edge Evolution Programmer, you can alter your speed-limiter in increments of 5 mph starting at 40 mph, and ending at 200 mph. This is a great feature to use if your kids want to borrow your truck. 

Why do we like it?

If you are looking for a tuner that has a straightforward display, the Edge Evolution Programmer is it. With its included 3 tunes you can improve your truck’s performance quickly and easily and you can watch the results in real-time with the on-screen gauges. Edge sends out updates regularly to make sure you’re driving safely. Additionally, it can be comfortably mounted on the dash so it won’t block your view when you’re on the road.



  • 50-State Legal
  • Extended warranty if you will register it in their site
  • Three Tunes Included


  • Little more expensive than other options

4. SCT X4 PERFORMANCE TUNER – the best chip for 7.3 Powerstroke

If you want your old truck to feel like a new again, check out the 7015 SCT X4 Performance Tuner. This device made it to our top tuners for 7.3 Powerstroke trucks because it both logs and allows you to monitor real-time vehicle data. This feature will help you figure out if there’s a problem with the truck and will show the improved performance after installing a tune. There’s no need to purchase a separate device to check your engine parameters as you can monitor your PCM effectively on this device or when you connect it to your computer.

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Maximize Performance with Custom Tunes

The SCT X4 Performance Tuner is ergonomically designed to ensure that it can fit well in your hand. It has a color display that is readable even under direct sunlight. The interface is simple and straightforward – all tunes are shown immediately as soon as you connect it to your OBDII. You can view it in landscape or portrait and mount it on your dashboard for easier monitoring and adjustments.

After you connect it to your OBDII port, you’ll see instructions immediately. You can choose your preferred tune and set the parameters that you need to monitor such as the coolant temperature, RPM, spark, and speed. It also can adjust to different tire sizes – just check your truck’s preferred size and you can manually adjust the modification through the device. You can also record your data and download the log so you can send it to the SCT Custom Tuning Dealer and purchase a customized tune based on the datalog. This is definitely helpful if you are among the users who want to achieve a specific performance yet you don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself.

10 Tunes to Play with out of the Box

SCT X4 Performance Tuner the preloaded tunes are calibrated based on different users’ preferences such as boosted speed, increased horsepower and torque, improved throttle lag and shifting issues, and more. Because the SCT x4 Tuner can work for a wide variety of Ford models, you’ll only see the tunes that match your model when you connect it to your truck’s computer. Once you have chosen your preferred tune, you can adjust it so you can additionally maximize the performance if you’re not happy with it. It also has room for 10 custom tunes.

Some users have noticed error codes after they have connected it to their port. In case the same thing happens to you, you just need to update the firmware. Just connect to your Wi-Fi or attach your device to your computer through the USB cord. This should fix the error code instantly. In case further issue transpires, the brand has amazing customer support who can assist you in sorting things out.

Why do we like it?

The SCT X4 allows you to have custom programmed tunes that you can get from Edge based on your driving data. This is great if you have aftermarket parts installed and can’t use the pre-loaded tunes. Speaking of driving data, because the SCT X4 both logs your driving data and allows you to watch it on-screen, it’s now so easy to improve both your driving style and your truck’s driving performance.



  • Can be mounted in landscape and portrait view
  • Space for 10 Tunes
  • Customized Tunes can be purchased from the SCT Custom Tuning Dealer based on your driving data


  • Potential error codes upon the initial tuning that can be fixed by updating the firmware
  • Update software compatible with Windows only, not Mac

What is the best programmer for a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Using a programmer or a tuner for your 7.3L Powerstroke will improve performance, gas mileage, horsepower, and add hundreds of pounds of torque. While there are a lot of different aspects that can be customized on your truck, the engine is the most important one.

Our Top Pick, the 1805 Ford Superchips Flashpaq Programmer can give your truck super quick and easy with its fantastic features. The Budget Pick, the Ford Powerstroke Diesel 7.3 TS Performance 6 Chip gives you six tunes to use that cover almost any situation. And if you have the cash, we recommend the Edge Evolution 15001 that will have you driving a powerful machine immediately with its three pre-programmed tunes. But if you want more space for custom tunes, the SCT x4 has the space to let you play with your truck’s awesome power.

Purchase the best tuner for your truck and you will be guaranteed to have full control and the best tuning experience.

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