Last Updated: 10.12.2020

Best Tuners for 5.0 F150

The Ford F150 is a high-standard truck that guarantees strength, quality, and speed, whether on smooth terrains or rough roads. Its offered engine configurations are outstanding, and its advanced technology features provide power while maintaining safety and comfort. While it’s a great performing vehicle, its features are set and limited to Ford’s configurations, especially its engine control. Its fuel economy could probably be better and shifting can be slow. But you’re not stuck – you can change these and customize your truck’s performance through a tuner. Read on for the five best tuners for 5.0 F150 trucks.

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The 5 Best Tuners for 5.0 F150:

  1. EDGE CTS2 GAS EVOLUTION PROGRAMMERthe best tuner for 5.0 F150
  5. SCT GTX Performance Tuner

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Our Pick: EDGE CTS2 GAS EVOLUTION PROGRAMMER – the best tuner for 5.0 F150

There are lot of tuners out there, but the Edge’s 85450 CTS2 Gas Evolution Programmer stands out with its sleek design, powerful tunes, and easy navigation. It’s one of the most advanced tuners for the 5.0 F150, and it’s definitely a good choice for your Ford truck. Aside from performing all that’s expected of a tuner (boosting engine performance, increasing torque and horsepower, monitoring engine data, and saving fuel), it has three preloaded tunes that can be customized according to your driving style – whether you want to go fast or bring more load on the road.

Large 5″ HD Display with 3 Pre-Loaded Tunes

It has an awesome 5-inch, full colored, high-resolution screen with a one-touch menu display that makes navigation easy and intuitive. You can mount it on your dashboard or windshield so you can keep an eye on everything that’s happening under the hood.

The display is customizable to help you quickly monitor your truck’s performance. It can show up to 9 parameters which you can set even when you’re driving. You can even change the background to match your truck’s interior.

The Edge CTS2 Gas Evolution Programmer comes with multi-power level customization. With its three preloaded tunes, combined with the device’s fast processor, you can expect quick improvement in your truck’s performance. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. However, since it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection, you need to connect it to your laptop or computer if there are some firmware updates.

Monitor your Engine Data and Tune Up Parameters

You can also set gauges to help you monitor your truck’s engine. The gauge package includes vital engine data, like the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), transmission fuel temperature, engine fluid temperature, and RPM, to give you a better picture of your engine’s status. You can also use the CTS2 to tune up your vehicle’s shift point, shift firmness, torque management, and fuel pressure for faster and more effective shifting.

You can also connect it an Edge Back-up camera, sold separately, or an EGT thermocouple, so you can monitor and control its temperature to prevent your truck from overheating.

Why should you purchase it?

If you’re looking for a large and innovative tuner, the CTS2 from Edge is for you. The pre-loaded tunes will save you money by prolonging transmission life, or improving drivability and performance. You can also monitor your engine’s performance to adjust your driving habits to help you control your fuel consumption or prevent engine damage.


  • Customizable Display
  • Can be mounted
  • Multiple power level customization
  • Monitors up to 9 parameters


  • Not Wi-Fi updateable




  • Simple; Plug And Play Performance
  • Customize Your Tune w/Predators Internal Adjustable Options
  • Internet Updateable Using Free Ignition Update Software
  • 5 Button Easy Navigation
  • Full Color Screen
  • Improved User Interface
  • USB Updating
  • CMR Custom Tuning Potential
  • Read/Clear Diagnostic Codes

DiabloSport’s 7120 Predator P2 Platinum Performance Tuner does the hard work for you! Known as one of the best tuners for the 5.0 F150, it provides a high-grade boost to your truck through its palm-sized device. Its high definition, 2.8-inch color screen, 5-button interface, improved memory, and faster processor make tuning and adjustments just a few clicks away. Unfortunetly, this device isn’t allowed in California.

Quick Installation and Lots of Adjustments to Play With

The Predator P2 offers a significant increase in the vehicle’s torque, towing performance, and fuel economy. Taking only 10 minutes to install, it also allows you to adjust your truck’s tire size, throttle sensitivity, reset the speedometer for non-stock gears, and remove the speed limiter. This means that you can drive your truck faster and get more mileage with less fuel. Compatible with custom tunes using the DiabloSport CMR software, it also allows tuning for shift points, shift firmness, and TQ management. It also has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to properly scan air pressure inside the tires. It’s a lot of things you can do at the tip of your fingers!

Reads and Clears Diagnostic Codes

If you ever want to go back to your old settings, it’s always ready because the device automatically saves your F150’s stock before loading a tune. Since it has vehicle parameter monitoring capabilities, it can save your vehicle data for future review and analysis. It also reads and clears diagnostic codes, so you’ll know if your vehicle runs into trouble and needs repair right away.

Why should you purchase it?

Although you can’t mount the device to your dashboard, the Diablo Predator 2 does a great job tuning your truck’s ECU. From adjusting the tire size and reseting the speedometer to adjusting the shift points and firmness, there’s a lot you can tweak on your truck without even installing a tune. Additionally, it backs up your stock tune so you can always load it back in case you need to visit the dealership for repairs. However, if you’re from California, you need to get a different tuner for your truck as this is not allowed to be use in your area.


  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast processor


  • Not available for sale in California


  • Brand New Superchips Flashpaq F5 In-Cab Tuner, Compatible with 1998-2016 Chevrolet Corvette, Ford F-150 Mustang & Dodge Ram 1500 (Superchips Part #4845)
  • Superchips Flashpaq packs a punch & is loaded with gas & diesel tuning coverage designed to impress. Improved horsepower, torque & fuel economy are results you can expect to see on your F-150, Power Stroke, or Mustang. With extensive vehicle coverage, this performance programmer is the industry-leading handheld tuner. Popular applications include the 3.5L Ecoboost, 5.0L Coyote & 6.7L Power Stroke motors.
  • Eliminate excessive downshifting, tow with power throughout the RPM band & experience a night & day difference with the Flashpaq. Configure your F-150, Super Duty, Mustang, & more today to review specific horsepower & torque gains, tire & gear calibration options & more.
  • Features: High-definition, 2.8" color screen | Re-designed graphic interface for improved user experience | Increased memory with faster processor for improved tuning & updating speed | Performance tuning for Economy, Towing, Daily Driving & Extreme Tuning | Speedometer correction for changes in tire size & gear ratio | Adjust speed & rev limiters | Tuning for shift points, shift firmness & TQ management | Internet updateable with all-new update software via USB | Active fuel management control
  • Vehicle parameter monitoring capabilities | Read & clear diagnostic trouble codes | Compatible with other performance upgrades

Do you want speed while saving fuel with your F150? You can definitely do that with the Superchips 4845 Flashpaq F5 California Edition Tuner! It’s one of the few tuners for the 5.0 F150 that is legal in California, especially for pollution-controlled vehicles. This device by Superchips can enhance engine performance for fuel economy, towing, daily driving, and extreme tuning.

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A Small Device with a Fast Processor

Relatively smaller and more lightweight than its competitors, this has a 2.8-inch high-definition color screen that has a redesigned graphic interface for improved user navigation. The firmware can be updated by connecting it to your computer. (It doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection.) Additionally, it’s got increased memory with a faster processor.

Through this device, you can do a lot of things in order to improve your truck’s performance, especially if you use it on a regular basis. You can correct the speedometer if there are changes to your truck’s tire size and gear ratio. You can also adjust your vehicle’s speed and rev limiters to achieve higher MPG or to help speed up your truck even more.

Monitor Parameters and Save Money

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 also allows tuning for shift points, shift firmness, and torque management to easily increase the vehicle’s responsiveness. It has an active fuel management control, which means it modifies spark timing so you can save on fuel consumption. You can even optimize your engine’s burn cycle for better efficiency. On top of these, it has vehicle parameter monitoring capabilities and has the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. This means that you can save yourself a trip to the mechanic or dealership!

Why should you purchase it?

Not all tuners are not capable of legally changing the tune of a pollution-controlled vehicle. So if you’re from California and you own a pollution controlled F150, the Superchips Flashpaq F5 is a great choice. You’ll get better fuel consumption and experience better speed control with this tuner. It can show you your engine performance, which includes the speed gauge, engine temperature, and more, so you can understand how to maximize the tuner’s capabilities.


  • Active fuel management control that modifies spark timing
  • Lightweight
  • CA compliant


  • Not Wi-Fi updateable


Bully Dog - 40470 - BDX Diagnostic and Performance Tuner - Wifi Enabled Cloud Tune Delivery
  • Wide make & model fit - Works on Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, GM, Cadillac, & Toyota applications. Enter your vehicle above to verify compatibility. Please contact Bully Dog support for assistance.
  • Wifi connectivity - Updates and a vast library of preloaded tune files downloaded from the cloud
  • Real -time monitor - Monitor key vehicle data on full-color on-screen virtual gauges
  • Code clearing - Diagnose and clear trouble codes to ensure proper engine operation
  • Mounted or handled - Easy-to-use push-button interface for quick changes or the sleek design looks great mounted.FLASH & GO - Quick flashing technology gets your vehicle tuned and on the road quick

Your truck can perform better with Bully Dog’s 40470 BDX Diagnostic and Performance Tuner! The BDX has a full-color screen and pre-loaded tunes that can boost your vehicle’s towing and off-road capabilities. You’ll have a better driving experience no matter what road type you’re on.

But if you’re in California, you’ll have to look for a different device – this tuner can’t be sold or used in your state.

Real-time Monitoring, Clear Trouble Codes, and Tweak Your Engine In Just a Few Clicks

With the Bully Dog BDX, you can use custom tunes without losing your factory tune because it backs up the stock tune before overwriting. So you can go back to stock if you ever need to visit your dealership. It allows you to watch your vehicle’s engine parameters in real-time, so you can easily monitor its status through the device or even through your computer. The BDX also reads and clears the powertrain control module (PCM) diagnostic trouble codes so you don’t need to go to the mechanic or the dealership to solve those warning lights.

You can increase your truck’s horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage, so you can drive faster with better gas mileage. You can even adjust your vehicle’s axle ratio, idle adjust, rev limiter, tire size, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), transmission shift points, global spark, intake airbox, speed limiter, torque reduction, transmission shift firmness with just a few clicks and without opening the hood!

Exclusive Driving Coach Feature

What’s unique about the BDX tuner is its Driving Coach feature. By recording your driving and analyzing the efficiency of each drive, the driving coach can provide you with real-time visual and audio feedback on how to make your driving more efficient. You will even be “graded” on each drive!

Bully Dog’s space for 20 custom tunes, so you can connect the tuner to Wi-Fi and get the tunes from your email without the need for a computer! But, if you’d like using a computer, you can still update the device by connecting your device to your PC using the included USB cord.

Why you should purchase it?

Whether you have to pull heavy loads, drive on tough terrain, or increase your fuel efficiency, the Bully Dog Performance Programmer will help you out. It promises a substantial increase on your torque and horsepower through its pre-loaded tunes. You can also request a custom tune from Bully Dog and download it online. This will help you have an exclusively programmed ECU that really matches how you use your F150. It also has a Driving Coach that can help you improve your driving to help you conserve your fuel consumption and protect your engine.


  • Wi-Fi Capability
  • Space for 20 Custom Tunes
  • Driving Coach Feature


  • Not available in California

SCT GTX Performance Tuner

SCT Performance 40460S GTX Performance Tuner and Monitor, 5" Touchscreen with Magnetic Mount, Preset Cloud and Custom Tunes
  • Wide model fit - Fitting a wide array of Ford Models. Enter your vehicle above to verify compatibility. Please contact SCT support for assistance.
  • Custom tuning - Control your vehicle's performance fully with preloaded & custom tune capability in an adjustable tune interface
  • Cloud delivery - Download updates and tunes from over Wi-Fi. Matches your Ford vehicle with available tunes and settings that fit
  • Removable monitor - Convenient Grab-and-Go magnetic mounting system lets you keep your monitor secure when not in use
  • Performance logging - Data logging for real-time performance review with playback option using LiveLink software

The GTX Performance Tuner has premium features that can help you customize your ECU to help you experience the best performance for your F150. Expect better towing power, fuel efficiency and mileage instantly. You can even mount it to your windshield to help you monitor the performance of your truck after the tune installation.

Holds 20 Custom Tunes and Monitor PIDs in Real-Time

The SCT GTX Performance Tuner comes with multiple preloaded tunes but you can also use up to 20 custom tunes that you can buy from thousands of custom tuning dealer partners worldwide. This will allow you to get a tune that specifically matches how you use your truck and its specs. If you have the experience, you can also customize your own tune by changing the fuel that you use, intake airbox, speed limit, and more.

The GTX also allows you to monitor your PIDs in real time. These PIDs include intake air temperature, coolant temperature, control module voltage, and more. You can adjust the color screen layout to choose the gauges that you want to see when you’re driving.

Update and Get Custom Tunes Over Wi-Fi

You can update the firmware, if there’s an update, through your WIFI connection. This connection also allows you to download tunes from the dealership instead of plugging your device to your computer.

It comes with a mount that you can attach to your windshield. The back of the device has magnetic connection that firmly grips the mount so you don’t have to worry about getting disconnected, especially if you need to drive on rocky terrain.

Why should you purchase it?

The SCT GTX Performance Tuner is good if you are looking for a tuner that comes with preloaded tunes but also allows you to manually calibrate your truck’s ECU or purchase a custom tune. You can securely attach it to your truck using the mount that comes with it. And if there’s a new firmware update or if you’ve requested a custom tune, you can do all through your Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t just work as a tuner; it can also be used to monitor your parameters or record your datalogs so you can review your truck’s performance. This device isn’t legal for California customers.


  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Secure wireless mounting
  • Can save up to 20 custom tunes


  • Not legal in California

Final Thoughts on the Best Tuners for 5.0 F150

There’s no denying that Ford F150 trucks are awesome. But why would you limit yourself to the manufacturer’s settings when you can get your vehicle tuned up quicker, improve gas mileage, and with less fuel consumption? If you want to achieve all these, the Edge CTS2 is your perfect option because it has a ton of features. But if you’re on a budget, the DiabloSport Predator P2 is your best option. It allows you to calibrate your truck for better fuel efficiency and gives you the capacity to maximize its full potential through its parameter adjustments. If you need to eliminate downshifting, take home the Superchips Flashpaq F5. If you think you need to improve your driving habits, Bully Dog’s BDX can give you that guidance through its Driving Coach. Finally, the SCT GTX Performance Tuner has a large screen and big enough memory to save preloaded and customized tunes.

Keep in mind that each tuner has different compatibilities with different truck models, so make sure that your chosen tuner works well with what you have. Considering the tuner’s fuel economy feature, preloaded tunes, price, ease of installation, and tuner navigation, you’ve got the perfect mix. If you’d like your vehicle to reach its peak performance, get one of these best tuners for 5.0 F150.