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General solutions to car battery problems are clear cut—a dead battery needs replacement.

But it isn’t always a good idea to randomly shop for a new car battery the day your car fails to start. The best practice is to start looking for the best car battery brand the moment you start observing signs of a failing car battery.

The most common signs to watch out for include dim headlights, car clicking or cranking but not starting, frequent jump starts, swollen battery case, or the battery being too old. Once these signs appear, you know it’s time to look for a battery.

We’ll take a closer look at the top 12 car battery brands that we think produce high-quality car batteries that will meet your needs.

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Best Car Battery Brand Reviews

These are our top 12 recommendations for the best car battery brand:

1. Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries

Optima is one of the most trusted car battery brands. It is a world leader in cutting-edge energy storage solutions. This brand has been reshaping battery technology for the last 4 decades.

Optima batteries are among the first high-performance, high-quality AGM batteries to be featured in the automotive industry. The brand has revolutionized the industry with its spiral cell technology. This unique technology allows for higher cold-cranking amps, and it also has less internal resistance to improve the flow of electrons.

Optima batteries come in three varieties: Redtop, Yellowtop, and Bluetop.

The Redtop version is designed as a starting battery, which you can use for normal car engine starting. The Bluetop option is produced as a marine battery, which can be used for both deep cycling and starting with incredibly high cranking power. The Yellowtop variety is engineered as a high-performance AGM battery that provides impressive cycling capability and premium cranking power.

Finding the correct battery for your vehicle on their website is easy with the battery finder. Select your category (auto/truck, RV, or marine) and then select the year, make, model, and engine to find the correct battery. The brand also offers free shipping on all orders.

2. Odyssey Batteries

Odyssey Battery

Odyssey batteries are produced by EnerSys Energy Products. EnerSys is renowned for its advanced stored energy solutions for industrial, military, and automotive applications.

Unlike conventional brands, Odyssey batteries are factory-made to strict quality standards. This brand manufactures batteries that have triple the life and twice the power of traditional lead-acid designs. They are uniquely designed to handle a range of performance demands and applications.

Odyssey Batteries feature dual-purpose technology. This means they provide high cranking power as well as deep cycle performance. So, they can effectively support parasitic drains and high engine start performance.

The brand uses pure virgin lead with a 99.9 percent minimum purity. The unique quality of pure virgin lead is that it is not corrosive in sulfuric acid. The batteries have more plates per cell that increase surface area for the chemical reaction to take place, providing you with a lot of cold-cranking amps.

You can shop Odyssey batteries through the brand’s secure online store. You can get free shipping on orders over $50 and under 50 pounds. The website has an easy battery search process that will help you find the exact type of battery for your vehicle type. 

3. XS Power Batteries

XS Power Battery

Founded in 2005, XS Power has proven to be one of the most reliable car battery brands in the industry. This company has an in-house testing lab that ensures you get the very best in quality and performance.

XS Power batteries are made of pure lead and not recycled materials, so car batteries from this company have an exceptionally high lead purity of about 99.9 percent in the plates. The lead plates used by XS Power are incredibly thin to increase surface area for chemical reactions.

This brand has one of the largest selections of car batteries, including D, XP, S, PS, and V series batteries. XS Power has a direct replacement fitment guide on their website. At the top of the homepage, you will see the OEM application, audio calculator, and marine calculator. The application guide will tell you exactly what you need for your vehicle.

XS Power has one of the best warranties on the market. They offer a no-hassle free-replacement type of warranty.

This company is also strongly committed to the production of accessories, such as heat wraps, terminals, electronics, hold downs, wiring kits, and XP Flex.

4. ACDelco

ACDelco is the original equipment service brand for GM and other car makes and models, and it has been manufacturing high-quality parts for the automotive industry for over 100 years.

This brand is GM’s only source for original equipment. ACDelco parts are not only designed and engineered to precision but are also tested and backed by a reliable warranty. 

ACDelco batteries come in two major selections, ACDelco Gold and ACDelco Silver. ACDelco Gold car battery

ACDelco Gold batteries are specifically designed to meet all the requirements of GM cars. The ACDelco Silver batteries, on the other hand, are designed to meet the specifications of GM cars as well as other car makes and models on the road.

As a global automotive brand, ACDelco caters to people from different parts of the world. Their packages have multi-language translation, featuring up to eight languages (French, English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean).

The company has a very user-friendly website that allows easy and convenient online shopping for parts. There are at least seven ways you can look for parts on the website, including All Parts, GM OE Parts, Find by Part #, and Chevrolet OE Parts among others.

5. DieHard DieHard car battery

Since 1967 DieHard has been making and building its legacy as one of the leading brands in the production of high-performance automotive batteries.

The brand claims that its batteries last forever. That’s not exactly true in the real world, but we can say its batteries last longer and perform better compared to conventional brands. Needless to say, they meet the demands of most power-hungry vehicles on the road.

DieHard’s stamped grid technology is one of the best you could have ever wished for. It minimizes corrosion (caused by charge-discharge cycles) that normally leads to battery failure. With this technology, you get superior starting performance and better electrical flow.

The company has four main categories of batteries: automobile, small engine, power sports & marine, and heavy-duty farm & truck. You can purchase DieHard batteries at Advanced Auto Parts as well as Carquest Auto Parts.

The automobile lineup has five major selections: DieHard Platinum AGM, DieHard Platinum, DieHard Gold, DieHard Red, and DieHard Silver.

The DieHard Platinum AGM comes with a 3-year free replacement warranty and supports a high amount of electrical demands. The DieHard Platinum, on the other hand, comes with a 4-year warranty and supports vehicles with a medium amount of electrical demands.

6. Bosch

Bosch car battery

With over 95 years of experience in the production of automotive batteries, Bosch has established itself as one of the all-time best brands of car batteries.

To meet the ever-increasing electrical demands of modern cars, Bosch has a wide-ranging selection of maintenance-free automotive batteries, including AGM and EFB. The AGM selection features some of the latest advancements in battery technologies and development to deliver peak power for superior performance.

This brand boasts a high-performance grid, which is attributed to the optimized alloying components used. The unique construction of the grid ensures that electron paths remain as short as possible, allowing current to flow directly without interruption. The pure lead used in the grid design ensures it remains corrosion-resistant.

Together with its manufacturing centers and global network of engineers, Bosch remains at the forefront of manufacturing batteries and parts suitable for modern vehicles.

7. Interstate Interstate car battery

Interstate Batteries have been transforming the industry for over 70 years. This brand is driven by a unique combination of integrity, experience, and commitment.

The company has been a go-to option for technicians for over 9 years. In addition to a 300 wholesale warehouse distributor network, Interstate is also backed by 200 all-battery center franchise stores and over 150,000 dealers worldwide.

Searching for the correct battery for your vehicle has been made easy with the comprehensive search process on the company’s website. All you have to do is select the type of vehicle, year, make, model, and engine from the drop-down menus to find your battery. 

You can also find the location of an Interstate battery near you by entering your city, state, or ZIP in the search bar.

Car and truck batteries are available in five selections, including MTZ AGM, MTX AGM, MTP, MT, and M-Line batteries. The MTZ AGM supports a high accessory load and offers premium performance. 

The MTX AGM selection is ideal for vehicles with many additional plug-ins and accessories. While the MTP lineup is suitable for high-cranking performance and longer life in cold to moderate climates.

You can also find quick links to how-to articles that can help you with different maintenance projects like how to replace a car battery or how to test a battery. 

8. Duracell

Duracell car battery

A leading global manufacturer of car batteries, Duracell has been powering automobiles for more than 50 years. The company is committed to the production of large industrial and automotive batteries as well as small button cells.

Duracell Automotive produces five major types of car batteries: Duracell Starter, Duracell Advanced, Duracell Extreme EFB, Duracell Extreme AGM, and Duracell Extreme AGM Backup.

The Duracell Starter offers outstanding starting power, while Duracell Advanced provides superior power for starting and electrical demands. Duracell Extreme EFB is designed for LCV (with basic stop-start features) and medium/small cars. Duracell Extreme AGM, on the other hand, is a suitable option for medium and luxury vehicles with complex stop-start features.

Are car batteries from Duracell any good? Batteries from this brand have no technical limitations as far as recharging goes. So, you can use your battery in multiple places in your car. The company backs its products with a lifetime warranty, which covers replacement, installations, and repairs.

Duracell batteries come with a leak-proof design, which makes them maintenance-free. But proper use and care can help extend the life of the batteries.

The company has also included a battery search link at the right bottom corner of their website, which helps narrow down the search.

9. ExpertPower

ExpertPower car battery

This Los Angeles-based energy storage systems supplier was established in 1987. For over three decades, this brand has worked extra hard to become one of the go-to options for the automotive community.

ExpertPower is well-known for its high-performance sealed lead-acid batteries like the EXP1290 and EXP1270. These batteries have been designed with absorbent glass mat technology with an extensive temperature span to provide better performance as well as durability. The sealed lead-acid batteries are very easy to install in comparison with other brand batteries.

Another unique selection offered by ExpertPower is the LiFePO4 series. This series features rechargeable cells engineered for electrical energy storage applications and electric vehicles. This series uses lithium iron phosphate for unmatched cycle and calendar life.

Apart from automotive batteries, ExpertPower also manufactures power stations, which are rechargeable battery-powered generators. These power stations are equipped with USB charging ports, a DC carport, and an AC outlet.

10. Mighty Max

Mighty Max car battery

Are you looking for a decent car battery brand? Mighty Max might just be what you need. Founded in 2006, this company has proven to be one of the most reliable options in the market.

Mighty Max uses SLA / AGM design, which means their batteries have low internal resistance and can provide higher cranking current. SLA batteries have glass mats that hold the electrolyte in place to prevent spilling.

Not to mention that they have a short charging time and a longer lifespan. The advanced design of Mighty Max batteries requires zero maintenance and no adding of fluids when compared to flooded wet cell batteries.

The company also uses other battery technologies, such as gel, and lithium. The gel battery is a true deep cycle that requires no maintenance. When you charge a Might Max gel battery, no dangerous fumes are produced. 

11. NAPA

Napa car batteries

Car batteries from the NAPA brand are made by East Penn, a manufacturing company that was founded in 1946. East Penn has one of the largest lead-acid battery single-site facilities.

The NAPA brand has four battery selections, Legend Premium AGM, Legend Premium, Legend, and NAPA Power.

The NAPA Power is the brand’s proformer battery that is available with a standard 18-month free replacement warranty. This battery has a flush cover design that prevents harmful acid spills as well as corrosion. The Legend professional battery also comes with an 18-month free replacement warranty, has a flush cover design, and plenty of reserve capacity for emergency needs, computers, and accessories.

The Legend Premium is available with a 24-month free replacement standard warranty. This battery delivers superior accessory power and maximum starting power. It has a high reserve capacity, calcium-calcium alloy, and flush cover design. The Legend Premium AGM is only backed by a standard 6 months warranty. The AGM design is highly spillproof.

The NAPA battery warranty is one of the most reliable ones. The company will replace a defective battery for free when you take it to the nearest NAPA store.

12. EverStart

EverStart car battery

EverStart is a well-known car battery brand in the United States. Automotive batteries from this great brand are produced by Johnson Controls. The batteries are found at Walmart as of 2022.

The brand mainly uses AGM technology. The separator and liquid electrolyte are replaced by a glass-fiber mat that is soaked in the electrolyte. This unique technology accelerates the transportation of gas between the electrodes. This keeps the water within the cell, minimizing the need for maintenance.

Two of the most popular EverStart AGM batteries are EverStart Maxx and EverStart Plus.

The EverStart Maxx provides maximum starting power, cold cranking amps of up to 750, and fits different years, makes, and models. The EverStart Plus, on the other hand, offers reliable starting power, cold cranking amps of up to 750, and fits various years, makes, and models as well.

How to Choose the Right Car Battery

Knowing how to select the right automotive battery for your car can help you choose the best car battery brand. These are the most important things you need to know:

Get to Know the Types of Car Batteries

Here are the two main types of car batteries you can look for from different brands:

Lead-Acid Battery

As the name suggests, this type of car battery is made up of lead and acid. It is the most popular type of battery you will find in most vehicles.

Once charged, a lead-acid battery stores energy in a chemical form that can be released on demand as electricity. A car’s 12-volt battery is made up of six 2-volt cells. The individual cells contain a positively charged plate made from lead as well as a negatively charged one. Both are submerged in an electrolyte solution of sulphuric acid and distilled water.

When you start the ignition, the acid will react with lead to create an electrochemical reaction that generates a current. The generated current produces the power needed to start your car.

Lead-acid batteries are cheaper but they are strict on charging and discharging, have low specific energy, and they tend to be heavy and bulky. So, keep that in mind when looking for brands that primarily deal with lead-acid batteries.

AGM Battery

Ordinary batteries don’t stand a chance in today’s power-hungry cars. A few decades ago, cars were equipped with about 20 electrical loads. Nowadays, modern cars are fitted with more than 150 electrical loads.

AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries can handle the power demands of modern cars. An AGM battery provides the ideal combination of safety, reliability, and durability. The AGM technology provides up to twice the life of a conventional flooded battery.

This unique car battery technology doesn’t use a gel electrolyte. As an alternative, the electrolyte is absorbed into the fiberglass mats that are sandwiched between the plates.

AGM car batteries can be either starting or deep-cycle. The construction of the battery may be similar to that of a conventional battery but without flat plates. AGM batteries are spillproof and will not leak if they become damaged. They will even work when tilted in any direction without losing the electrolyte.

The plates are tightly held together and insulated by the fiberglass mats. This allows them to be recharged more quickly than conventional batteries because of their low internal resistance. These batteries are also better suited to extremely cold weather than lead-acid batteries.

A disadvantage to AGM batteries is that they do not tolerate as much heat as low-maintenance batteries. Knowing this can help you make an informed decision when choosing a car battery brand.

Get the Right Fit

To get the right fit for your car, you have to consider the size of the battery and the position of the terminal.

There are industry-standard battery group sizes that indicate the physical sizes for automotive batteries and the polarity. It is easy to replace your car battery if you know its standard group size. Here are the most popular battery group sizes:

  • Size 75

It features a side terminal and fits compact cars and some GM midsized vehicles.

  • Size 65

This size comes with a top terminal and fits sporty utility vehicles, trucks, and cars from Ford.

  • Size 51R

It comes with a top terminal and fits many Japanese cars from Nissan, Mazda, and Honda.

  • Size 24/24F

This size features a top terminal and fits most Nissan, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, and Toyota vehicles.

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When shopping for a car battery, the brand you choose matters. Our top 12 recommendations are well-known in the industry for manufacturing high-performance batteries. It is important, however, to settle for a brand that has the exact type and size of battery your car needs and offers the longest possible free replacement period.