Last Updated: 12.10.2021

Toyota vehicles occasionally flash a Maintenance Required light on the dashboard. This is true for all new Toyota cars, and it’s a warning that you shouldn’t ignore. If you have used a Toyota for a year or more, you must have noticed the maintenance light appearing. 

But while it’s a useful warning light, there are times that it shouldn’t be on. If it lights up incorrectly, you will need to reset it. 

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry.

But before that, let’s understand… 

Why Does the Maintenance Light Come On?

open oil plug of toyota camry

“MAINT REQD” may appear on your dashboard as a Toyota maintenance light. It’s a light that stays on all the time, alerting you that you need to get your oil changed at a licensed auto shop. Changing the oil in your Toyota can help you save money on gas and make your car run like silk. 

This light appears every 5,000 miles as a reminder to replace the oil in your vehicle. It’s vital to understand that the light on your dashboard does not indicate that your automobile has been damaged, so you can still drive safely while the light is on.

The Toyota maintenance light entirely depends on the odometer to count those 5,000 miles, so it has no way of knowing if you’ve changed the oil in the interim. As a result, it can be irritating if you just changed your oil and this light flashes on your dashboard, telling you to do it.

In some cases, after your oil change, the auto shop will help you to reset the light. If they fail to do so, you can do it by yourself following these simple steps.

Steps to Reset Toyota Camry 2007 – 2011 Model Maintenance Required Light

Fortunately, the resetting technique is simple and universally applicable to most Toyota models. However, this guide will list the methods for the different models to ease the process. 

It’s a good idea to understand how to do it yourself, so you don’t have to go to the auto shop again to reset it. 

1. Switch on your vehicle


Look at your dashboard with your key flipped to the on position. The miles, not the trip meter, should be displayed on the odometer.

2. Turn off the vehicle and press the Reset Trip Meter Button.

turn off the vehicle and press reset trip meter button

Make sure you push the trip meter reset button to reset the maintenance required light once you’ve turned the key off. Hold this button down for a few moments. This button switches from the odometer reading to the other two trip meters on some models.

3. Restart the vehicle

restart the vehicle

Keep pressing the reset button while turning the key to the “on” position. Make sure it’s in this position rather than the “start” position, which starts the engine. Pay special attention to the odometer at this point.

4. Continue to press the Reset Button.

Make sure the trip meter reset button is still pressed while looking at the odometer. On the screen, the odometer will begin to display a series of dashes. A string of zeros will appear after a while. Keep pressing the button until the odometer reading returns to normal on the screen.

5. Press and hold the Reset Button.

You can release the reset button and turn your car on once the standard odometer readings appear on the screen. The necessary maintenance light should no longer be visible on your dashboard.

If the light persists, continue the operation until the maintenance light on your dashboard disappears.

The maintenance required light’s counter has been reset to zero after you manually reset it. The odometer will continue to count miles until the 5,000-mile barrier is achieved. When this happens, the light on your dashboard will turn back on. If your auto shop’s specialists don’t reset the light, you’ll have to do it yourself using the procedures above.

Keep in mind that the technique varies slightly depending on the Toyota model. For example, while the key is switched off, you might need to leave the odometer toggle knob pushed for 20 seconds. After that, re-insert the key but do not start the vehicle.

The necessary maintenance light on your dashboard should start flashing. Continue to hold the button down until the light on your dashboard goes out. For this strategy to work, you must hold down the reset button for at least 20 seconds.

How to Reset Toyota Camry 2013 Maintenance Light

2013 toyota camry dashboard panel  

It simply takes a few minutes to figure out how to turn off the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry 2013 model. Before you start, go over the instructions a few times to make sure you’re ready for each stage—the timing should be accurate.

  1. Place your key in position one and turn it on. This is the first adjustment you should make before starting the engine.
  2. Turn the key to position two while pressing and holding the dashboard odometer button.
  3. Hold the odometer button down until the maintenance light flashes. You may hear buzzer noises. You should turn the light off.
  4. Start your car by releasing the odometer button.
  5. When you start your car, the light should be off, indicating that the operation is complete.
  6. Repeat the procedure if the light is still on.

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Camry 2021

  1. Place your key in position one of the ignition and turn it (the first setting before starting the car).
  2. Turn your key to position two after quickly pressing and holding the odometer button on your dashboard.
  3. Hold the odometer button down for another 10 seconds. You should hear a beeping sound as the maintenance light begins to flash. The light should then turn off.
  4. Let go of the odometer button and turn the key to start your car once the maintenance light has gone out. When your Camry starts, you should turn the light off. If the maintenance light on the Toyota Camry is still on, repeat the operation once or twice.

Why Do You Need to Reset the Maintenance Light?

The Toyota maintenance light does not go away on its own. So it’s a good idea to switch it off personally, so you have one less thing on your dashboard to deal with.

This light can become unpleasant as you drive about the city, and it may even lead you to believe that something is wrong with your car. It does not cause any harm or affect the vehicle in any way, but it can be annoying to look at.

Secondly, after changing the oil, resetting the maintenance required light restarts the counter. Consequently, you can drive securely on roads, and this light will automatically notify you when it’s time for a new oil change after 5,000 miles, so you won’t have to count the miles manually.

Maintenance Tips for Your Toyota Camry

While turning off the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry is simple, remember to book a service appointment when it starts flashing. Your maintenance light comes on when it’s time for a service, which is usually around 5,000 miles. Consider the following routine maintenance services at the 5,000-mile mark:

  • Changing the oil
  • Changes to the filter
  • Rotation of tires
  • Multi-point inspection of the brakes

These tips will help you save money on repairs in the long run. You might also want to learn how to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Tundra