Last Updated: 10.12.2020

A truck gun is simply a gun you keep in your truck. It is a term used mostly for rifles or carbine guns. It can serve as a hunting gun when you go into the woods. Not every type of gun can be used as a truck gun. There are much better choices for these rifles and you need to know what to look for if you are going to get a truck gun.

Before we look at the qualities your truck gun should have, you need to ask yourself if you truly need a truck gun? You may be worried that your gun may fall in the wrong hands if someone breaks into your car, this can cause you to feel hesitant about getting a truck gun.

However, truck guns can be useful to you if you look at things from another angle. If you find yourself out in the woods and something comes after you, your truck gun can help you defend yourself. You can use it to catch a game when hunting and even shoot for fun in the woods. The fact that you have your rifle will give you peace of mind even if you don’t need to use it.

What Qualities To Look For In a Truck Gun

Truck guns stay in the truck, and you need one that can be tucked away from prying eyes. If you are in the market for a truck gun, you should have some idea of what to look out for.

Short Length

Short length rifles can easily be stored under your truck’s dear and it doesn’t take up space. With a shorter rifle, you can carry it more comfortably because it is portable and not heavy like most longer rifles.

Multipurpose Rifles

Your truck gun should be one that can serve you for various purposes. Like when you want to go hunting or use it for self-defense. It should be one that you can also use for casual target shooting.

Full Powered Cartridge

If your truck gun is going to be used for hunting, you will need a rifle that is powerful enough to bring down a large game like a deer.


Quality is always important when you buy any item and the same goes for a truck gun. You should check that the rifle has a solid build and a fine finish.


You can always get a long-lasting and powerful truck gun that is inexpensive. Truck guns are normally affordable and for good reason, since it’s going to be sitting in your truck.


There is a good reason why you should not hold a sentimental value to any truck gun. Since it would spend most of its time in your truck, expect to see some wear and tear. It would even have some unattractive scratch marks.

Truck Guns Compared to Hunting Rifles

When it comes to picking a truck gun, your mode of application matters. If hunting is your priority, a long-range bolt-action rifle should be your choice. Your other option will be to get something with an advanced optic. You will normally need something around a 16 inch barreled rifle that can fit perfectly in your truck. If you were to choose between a hunting rifle or pistol for your truck gun, which would it be?

Short barreled rifles can sometimes involve long wait and delays because of reloading. However, it seems to be the best choice if you look at its mobility, versatility, and stability. Short barreled pistols, on the other hand, come with the same style of magazines as the rifle. Some even come with a stabilizing brace that improves your stability.

When it comes to choices, you won’t be surprised to find out that some people like to stick to the full-sized  16 or 18 inches AR or AK platform in their vehicles. It all depends on your choice and which one you feel comfortable handling during your hunt.

Where to Store Your Truck Gun

If you know you are keeping a truck gun, you should have a good place to lock it up where it would be out of anybody’s view. Some people prefer to lock it up in their trunk and they even make a trunk compartment where they can store their firearms, magazines, and other equipment.

If your truck gun is not so big, you can keep it tucked under your seat or the rear seats of your vehicle. You can even have a roof mount rack. This is a great idea because criminals won’t think to look for your truck gun there. It is less conspicuous and the first place they would probably look at is under the seats and the floorboards.

The most important thing is that it remains hidden so it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. You should lock it up and keep it safely out of sight.

What Caliber Should Your Truck Gun Be?

You should put into consideration your truck gun’s ammunition. If you get a 20-round box of .223, it takes far less space than a 25-round box of 12 gauge. You can easily store the .223 box in your glove compartment.

It is best to get a common caliber just in case you need a box of ammunition and happen to be far away from your home. Most hardware stores will usually have a box or two of this common ammunition. If you need a box of .243 from a hardware store, you have more chances of finding it than when you ask for a box of 6.5 Grendel.

What Is The Best Truck Gun?

The best truck gun you can get is one that you don’t attach any value to. It should be one that you are willing to toss away and forget unless you need it. If you plan on getting one, make sure it is short, versatile and will last long. It is always good to have one around because it could be useful any day.

Truck Gun Alternatives

If you’re not in the game of carrying around a gun in your vehicle or perhaps you have too much attachment to the gun of choice some alternatives to consider would be on air rifles, air pistols or even deactivated guns. You can get high powered air pistols that are more cost effective than buying a gun. That said the best option is always to avoid the need to pull a weapon out in the first place.