Choose the 2018’s Top Rated Garage Door Insulation Kit!

What’s the best way to make the garage more comfortable? To clean it and to buy a new storage system maybe?

Well, of course. But I know one more method to improve the garage — it’s the best way to make the temperature inside the garage the most comfortable. I’m talking about the garage door insulation — and if you are looking for the best insulation, you’ve chosen the right website to visit.

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1. Matador insulation kit1. Matador Garage Door Insulation KitTransforms garage spaces into a workshop, recreation room or exercise area

  • Includes 8 boards

  • Simple installation

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2. Reflectix BP240502. Reflectix BP24050 Garage Door Insulation KitSquare edge roll double bubble foil both sides

  • Made up of seven layers

  • Fiber free

  • Environmentally safe

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3. Cellofoam Insulation Kit3. Cellofoam Garage Door Insulation KitInstallation is typically completed in less than an hour using only a few household tools.

  • Easy to Install

  • Increase Comfort

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4. Anco R-94. Anco R-9 Garage Door Insulation KitIncreased thermal performance* and a reduction in outside noise

  • Improves comfort

  • Fiberglass insulation

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5. USEP NASA Insulation5. USEP NASA Garage Door Insulation KitNew and Improved Heavy Duty Double Sided

  • Increaes R Value Up to 7

  • Easy to Install

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6. Reach Barrier 30096. Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation KitReach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit

  • Blocks Up To 95-Percent Of Radiant Heat

  • No special tools required for installation

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7. Owens Corning 5008247. Owens Corning 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit20-Percent reduction in noise level

  • Thermal performance

  • Cleanable vinyl surface

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8. ESP Low-E 2-car garage insulation kit8. ESP Low-E 2-Car Garage Door Insulation KitCombining 7/32" Aluminum Foil

  • Waterproof

  • Easy to clean

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Buying one of those kits would be a perfect idea, and neither your geographical location nor the size of your garage can change my opinion.

The thing is: the insulation kits are really the best way to keep your garage warm during the winter and to keep it cool during the hot summer days. That’s why such kits are necessary for all the garages of the country, and it doesn’t matter if you live in Texas or Alaska.

The size of the garage doesn’t matter, too — there are different sizes of these kits so you can buy both a 1 car or a 2 car garage door insulation kit.

You’ll have to choose the material and the type of the insulation, too. There are three of them: reflective foil, polystyrene, and panels. Let’s see what are the main differences between these three.

The first one is a reflective foil. There are usually several (7-9) layers of the foil and 1 or 2 levels of aluminum. Such insulation is perfect if you live in hot weather — in simple words, such foil reflects the heat (up to 97% of it!), and it’s quite simple to install it.

Another advantage of reflective foils is that they aren’t too expensive, so if you want to know how to insulate a garage door cheaply, it’s a perfect choice.

As for the polystyrene insulation, well, it’s a very common choice, too. It’s a rigid material, which is very durable — but such kits are a little more expensive. However, they aren’t 2 or 3 times more expensive, so the prices are still reasonable.

And of course, it’s perfect for cooling and heating the garage.

When it comes to the panels, they can be made of different materials (polystyrene and fiberglass). I’ve described polystyrene already, but when compared to fiberglass, this material insulates heat better.

However, fiberglass panels are slightly more water-resistant and a little bit cheaper.
You’ll have to consider one more thing before buying a kit. It’s called R-value — basically, it’s the effectiveness of the insulating material. The more i the better, of course.

Another thing you have to know is that spray foam insulation is definitely not the best option for the garage door because such sprays won’t work well. Don’t risk and don’t choose such insulation for this place.

So, if you are looking for some garage door insulation ideas, you’ll have to make a difficult choice — and I’m gonna help you in doing this.

The description of the best garage door insulation kit, my ideas and recommendations are included. I’ve also read lots of the best garage door insulation kit reviews to make the text as useful as possible.

Let’s go.

The Best Garage Door Insulation Kits Reviews:

1. Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit


Matador company is known for its high-quality products. This kit isn’t an exception.

It’s a panel kit, which contains 8 panels, each panel is made of polystyrene. This material is perfect for cooling the building in summer and for heating the building during the cold winters.

I like this kit because it’s extremely easy to install it. You’ll need something like 1-2 hours to do this, and the bare minimum of tools (knife, measuring tape, marker).

One kit would be enough for one door, so if you have a 2-car garage, you will need to buy two of these kits — take this into account before making a purchase.

This Matador garage door insulation is perfect both for making the temperature more comfortable and for saving energy. The panels look amazing — they are bright, white and easy to wash, so you’ll also improve the interior of your garage.

But making the doors nicer is most likely not the reason why you are looking for an insulation kit — and what I can say here is that it works perfectly.

R-value of this kit is 4.8 at 75 F.



2. Reflectix BP24050 Garage Door Insulation Kit


It’s a reflective foil, and it’s really good — 7 levels of foil and 2 levels of aluminum, low price, lots of positive reviews. I like it and I’m sure you’ll like it, too.

Each layer contains two layers of aluminum and a layer of polyethylene between them. That’s why the thermal properties of this material are really, really good — so you can expect the temperature in your garage to reduce by 10-20 degrees. That great.

This garage door insulation blanket would work well during the winter, too — the foil reflects the heat inside the garage so you can save energy on heating it.

However, there is a little problem with this kit. The thing is, it doesn’t look attractive, unlike the panel kits — but if you are OK with that, I recommend you to buy this reflective foil. It gets the job done.

R-value of this kit depends on the application and can be up to 14.3 (like when applied to the basement ceiling).


3. Cellofoam Garage Door Insulation Kit


Polystyrene foam is a very good insulation material, and this panel’s kit is 100% the thing you need for your garage. Let’s see why.

This garage door insulation kit works perfectly. It makes the garage cooler when it’s hot outside and makes it warmer during winters. The installation is really fast, the instructions are clear and you’ll have no problems with it.

What I like most is its weight. The kit is very, very lightweight, so it wouldn’t put any extra weight on the door motor and the door will open/close as fast as always.

According to the reviews, this kit works really well and increases the temperature up to 15 degrees (when it’s cold outside). That’s why I recommend this one, too. And remember, one kit would be enough for a standard door.

R-value is 4.8.


4. Anco R-9 Garage Door Insulation Kit


You’ll be happy with it. This insulation kit really works and it will reduce or increase the temperature of your garage by 10-20 degrees easily.

I also like the installation of this kit. All you have to do is to cut the insulation, to fill the cavities and to tuck them into the frames! That’s all.

Another interesting fact is that it’s one of those green products so if you care about the ecology, that’s your choice.

Oh, and of course, you will not only make the temperature level more comfortable if you install this kit. It also reduces the noise of the outside world, so your garage will become a much quieter place.

By the way, R-9 here stands for the R-value — it’s 9 and it’s a great result. You’ll not be disappointed with this kit, I’m sure.



5. USEP NASA Garage Door Insulation Kit


It’s a big insulation kit, that would work well for 2-car garages. It can reduce your energy costs by 20% as the manufacturer says, and the users say that it’s a 100% true statement. It’s also not too expensive, so it looks like an excellent choice.

This insulation reflects up to 95% of the heat thus makes the temperature level much more comfortable. The install isn’t too difficult but please note that you’ll have to ask someone for help if you want to install it fast.

It’s very easy to clean the surface — you’ll need alcohol and a cloth, that’s all! This kit will work perfectly for both the hot and the cold places.


6. Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit


It’s a very cheap kit. Basically, it’s a panel kit that will not help too much if you have 100-110 degree summer weeks in your region — but if you live in a temperate zone, that’s what you need.

However, according to the dozens of reviews, this 3009 kit can drop the temperature by 20-30 degrees — so despite it’s really cheap, it still works, and it works well.

The installation is very easy (it will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour), and the result will be quite decent. Be careful, because some people say that 1 kit isn’t enough for the single garage doors — so I recommend to talk about it with the seller (just tell him the dimensions).



7. Owens Corning 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit


It’s one of my favorite items on this list. This kit copes well with both the high/low temperature outside and with the noise level — the manufacturer claims 20% reduction of the latter. Well, the users say that it’s not far from the truth.

The installation isn’t a problem at all, thanks to the unique method of holding the panels to their places. However, it’s highly recommended to buy an additional Gorilla Tape to make this process even easier.

This kit works, and it really makes the garage cooler or warmer when it’s needed. I recommend this one, with no doubts.



8. ESP Low-E 2-car Garage Door Insulation Kit


It’s made of a polyethylene foam and aluminum — and these materials work great together. You can be sure that 96-97% of the heat will be blocked, so it’s a very good solution for the hot regions of the country.

It’s a safe material, and I really appreciate this (and you should, too). I’m talking about the flame-spread ratings — this kit is marked with Class 1, which means the flame spread is the slowest here. It’s a very safe material (unlike the reflective foils).

And of course, it’s great when it comes to its main function, reducing the heat (or not letting it go during the winters), as well as when it comes to reducing the noise (but it’s not what this kit was designed for, so don’t expect any miracles here). Oh, and it looks really fine. Check it out.

Well, I don’t even know what to say here, because I can recommend each kit from my list for you!

Of course, they all are different. Some of them would better suit 1-car garages, the others would be perfect for 2-car garages; some of them are made of polyethylene foam, the others are simply a reflective foil. However, it’s not the main idea.

My idea was to gather the best kits, with the best feedbacks and characteristics, with easy installation and not the most expensive ones — and I’m sure I’ve coped with that. Make a choice!