Last Updated: 04.08.2021

PVC and ABS parts are widely used for drain and ventilation structures, some kinds of kitchen, office and warehousing furniture, window and door frame liners.

The 5 Best Top-Rated Glue PVC To Wood:

  1. Technicqll Versatile Adhesive Glue – the best top-rated glue PVC to wood
  2. Henkel-Loctite High Performance Adhesive
  3. Gorilla PVC PrimaGlue
  4. Oatey PVC Cement
  5. Weld-on 10260 Multi-Purpose PVC Cement
Product namePhotoFeatureProsMore info
1. Technicqll Versatile Adhesive Glue1. Technicqll Versatile Adhesive GlueGlue for ABS, glass, stone, rubber

  • waterproof

  • thixotropic

  • flexible

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2. Henkel-Loctite High Performance Adhesive2. Henkel-Loctite High Performance AdhesiveDesigned for plastics, fabrics, foil, cardboard, foam

  • well-suited to glue PVC to wood

  • dries clear and fast

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3. Gorilla PVC PrimaGlue3. Gorilla PVC PrimaGlueCan last several days for perfect result

  • drying time is only about 10 minutes

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4. Oatey PVC Cement4. Oatey PVC CementRecommended for both commercial and residential applications

  • heavy bodied

  • suitable for all types of PVC

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5. Weld-on 10260 Multi-Purpose PVC Cement5. Weld-on 10260 Multi-Purpose PVC CementFast-setting, medium bodied, admitted for pipes with up to 6” diameter

  • multi-purpose

  • high-strength

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6. Weld-on 10121 PVC Cement6. Weld-on 10121 PVC CementHeavy bodied, low VOC, high strength, medium setting

  • for industrial application

  • made in the USA

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These advanced plastic materials are an impact, chemical and heat resistant, tough and rigid, Additionally, these parts are lightweight, non-toxic and easy to clean. ABS is more durable and flexible than PVC.

But, unfortunately, these essential for household items sometimes crack, so PVC and ABS repairing tasks are quite common.
What Is The Top-Rated Glue PVC To Wood?
That’s why, going to assemble furniture, window trims, venting (electric HVAC) or drain systems, you would require innovative technology and excellent, safe, top-quality products that guarantee reliable adhesion.

According to Wikipedia, glues are divided into animal-based, plant-based, solvent type, and synthetic ones. So, let’s investigate how to glue PVC to wood properly, without any health risk and in the most reliable way.

6 most recommended primers, glues, and adhesives help us to achieve the best possible repairing, decorating or construction results.

Is it possible to glue PVC pipes without primer?

  • No. You are to break the surface coating anyway. It is possible to use primer or scratch the surface with a piece of sand paper.

Why do I need to use a PVC primer before gluing PVC items?

  • To remove the gloss finish and dissolve the surface, to get the fastest possible adhesion. A primer helps cleaning grease and oil off the PVC parts or joints that is especially important when the pipe is not new.

Do the glues for PVC work for glass, acryl, elastomeric PVC and PVC foam materials?

  • No, a traditional glue like silicone or epoxy or a versatile adhesive would be efficient in this case. A PVC glue works for cellular and extruded vinyl windows, fences, etc.

What is a PVC cement?

  • PVC cement or solvent is a glue or adhesive-like substance that is designed to join two or several PVC pieces together. It contains a special matter (organic solvent) such as methyl ethyl keton that dissolves the top layer of plastics, eliminating grease, oil and inks, melts PVC edges, ensuring reliable adhesion. Additionally, the product includes Portland cement, silica sand, wax and wood fiber. However, it’s difficult to make this chemical compound at home. So, better opt for the best ready-made products.

1. Technicqll Versatile Adhesive Gluethe best top-rated glue PVC to wood

No products found.

The polyurethane adhesive glue is designed for most of the materials: wood, plaster, stone, ceramics, glass, rubber, all widely-used metals, plastics, marble, etc. It comes in handy for every household, design studio or construction facility.

The product is waterproof, thixotropic, flexible, shock resistant. So, it’s admitted as the best glue for ABS, glass, stone, rubber and multiple other materials. It hardens being exposed to moisture; it increases its volume and fills in the cracks and pores.

The construction glue is recommended for multifarious materials combinations; it works well in extremely difficult conditions. The product guarantees maximum bonding strength, safety, and reliability. It comes in easy-to-dispense 20 ml. package.

Recommended for designers, builders, engineers, and DIY handymen. Made in Poland

How to use: Apply the adhesive on clean, degreased, dust-free surfaces. Roughen synthetic (plastic, like PVC, ABS) and metal surfaces in beforehand, using sandpaper or primer. Join the glued items in 5 minutes to attach them, squeeze and fix with tape. Leave for 2 hours or more to dry.

Product parameters:

  • volume: 20 ml.;
  • weight: 1.12g/cm3;
  • physical state: fluid/liquid/thixotropic;
  • color: clear/colorless;
  • open time: 30 min.;
  • drying time: 2h.;
  • curing time: 24-48h.;
  • permissible temperature range: -30 °C-+100 °C;
  • tensile resistance: 24-120 kg/cm3.

2. Henkel-Loctite High Performance Adhesive

No products found.

The spray adhesive dries clear and fast. It is top-quality, standing out for perfect bonding strength. The solution is acid free, water and humidity resistant.

It is multipurpose, designed for plastics, fabrics, foil, cardboard, foam (recommended for automotive and household repair projects).

So, the product is well-suited to glue PVC to wood (lightweight wood pieces). The adhesive spray is extremely flammable, so, please, be careful. Made in the USA.

Product information:

  • weight: 1.2 pounds;
  • net weight: 382 g.;
  • volume: 13.5 oz;
  • meets ASTM D4236 standard;
  • material: polymer;
  • color: clear.

3. Gorilla PVC PrimaGlue

No products found.

Unlike most of the traditional glues, this product is virtually odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. It cleans up with water and dries clear or “milky white”.

After curing that can last several days for the perfect result, it is extremely durable and even tougher than a PVC pipe. Meanwhile, drying time is only about 10 minutes. Primer is already included to the cement, so using it with a brush is easy and simple.

The product meets the highest ASTM F656, ASTM D2564, ANSI/NSF61 standards, being used as a primer, as a PVC adhesive, and as a PVC cement. It is accepted for potable water supply systems.

Meanwhile, its heat resistance properties are better than of PVC tubes and moldings. So, if you heat the structure up, it won’t unglue. PVC would start melting, but not the glue. Thus, PrimaGlue is the greenest PVC product among all in existence at the time.

It can be used for pipes and fittings from 3” to 6” diameter and smaller parts.

The PVC cement is packed to 32 oz metal can. If you can’t open the can, use a pair of channel lock pliers. Its storage time is up to 1 year after the can is open. Use only at temperatures above 45 degrees F, below 80 degrees F.

Don’t submerge the glued structures to seawater. Recommended by professional plumbers. Made in the USA.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 4.2*4.2*5.3 in.;
  • weight: 2.5 pounds;
  • size: 32 oz;
  • color: clear;
  • water cleanup;
  • virtually odorless;
  • low VOC formula;
  • fluid, dries fast.

4. Oatey PVC Cement

No products found.

The product is recommended for both commercial and residential applications. The primer for PVC is grey, heavy bodied, suitable for all types of PVC fittings and pipes, designed for potable water supply, gas, ventilation, and plumbing.

It meets high ASTM D2564 standard, being easy to use and extremely durable. The product is top-quality, well-suited for large diameter fittings and pipes. Made in China.

Product Information:

  • dimensions: 4*4*5.5 in.;
  • weight: 2.4 pounds;
  • size: 32 oz;
  • permissible temperature range: 40° F-110° F;
  • max pressure pipe diameter: 12”;
  • max non-pressure pipe diameter: 18”;
  • color: grey;

5. Weld-on 10260 Multi-Purpose PVC Cement

No products found.

IPS Corporation is famous for its top-quality PVC solvents. They are supplied to worldwide markets under Weld-on brand for more than 60 years. The product that sells with 10260 model or item number is among the most popular ones.

It is low VOC, multi-purpose and high-strength. The cement is designed to join PVC, styrene, ABS, CPVC pipes and fitting. The substance is fast-setting, medium bodied, admitted for pipes with up to 6” diameter. Made in the USA.

Product Information:

  • dimensions: 3*3*4 in.;
  • weight: 5.6 ounces;
  • size: 1/4 pint;
  • volume: 4 fl. oz;
  • meets ASTM D 2564, ASTM F 493, ASTM D2235 standards;
  • permissible temperature range:0° F-100° F;
  • color: clear.

6. Weld-on 10121 PVC Cement

No products found.

This product is similar to the previous one. The only difference is in its color, volume, and some chemical properties. The cement is very affordable and popular within the USA.

It is heavy bodied, low VOC, high strength, medium setting. This grade is recommended for industrial application. It is suitable for pipes and fittings with up to 12’ (315mm) diameter.

The primer for PVC is the best for industrial piping systems, but it’s accepted for potable water supply, drain, vent, sewer, waste and conduit systems.

The product is probably made in the USA, but it’s not confirmed by the manufacturer (IPS Corporation has got production facilities both in the USA (California) and in China).

Product information:

  • dimensions: 3.5*3.5*4 in.;
  • weight: 1.2 pounds (19.2 ounces);
  • volume: 1 pint (473 ml.);
  • meets ASTM D 2564, 14 and 61 NSF/ANSI standards;
  • permissible temperature range: 40° F-110° F;
  • color: grey.

Thus, the adhesives and primers for PVC, ABS and other materials are diverse. They are designed for various purposes, differ by volume, packing, chemical properties and color.

I have listed herewith the best, top-quality products of this year that can be used to glue PVC to wood.

So, it’s up to use which ones to select: water or solvent based, versatile or special-purpose, designed for industrial or household application, flammable of non-toxic products.