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Best Garage Floor Cleaners
Do you want to clean the garage floor in order to paint it afterwards? Or, maybe, you are going to apply a new epoxy flooring and want everything to be perfect?

The 5 Best Garage Floor Cleaners:

    1. ACT Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser – the best garage floor cleaner
    2. Lestoil Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner
    3. Concrete and Driveway Cleaner by Terminator-HSD
    4. Chomp 52019
    5. EXIMO Concrete Cleaner

Well, the reason doesn’t matter. If the floor is dirty, you have to clean it — and to do this, you have to know a lot of things about the process. Let’s talk about it.
So, in the absolute majority of cases, the garage flooring is concrete or cement. Well, some people use hardwood, but it’s a very exceptional case.

That’s why I’m gonna talk about the best way to clean concrete floor here, and I hope that this advice would be relevant to your certain situation. However, some of the cleaners would also work perfectly for wooden floors.

Let’s talk about what you need to do if you are looking for how to clean concrete garage floor. You’ll need three things only: a cleaner, a mop and time, of course. The process is quite simple..

At first, clean the floor (sweep it and move everything out). Then spray it with water.
Best Garage Floor Cleaners

After that, you’ll need a cleaner and a brush or a mop. Most of the cleaners are dangerous and you’ll have to use protective equipment with them.

You’ll have to scrub the floor with a mop. In some cases, you’ll have to wait for 10 minutes. If it doesn’t help, scrub it again.

Then you’ll have to wash the floor and let it dry. Of course, if it’s not enough, you’ll need some additional tools, like a pressure washer.

As for the cleaning agent, there are some details here, too. The thing is, there are four types of concrete cleaners, so the choice is quite difficult. I’m gonna explain the differences, but without getting into too many details.

So the first type is the acidic cleaners — they may contain muriatic acid.

It’s a powerful acid that will remove all the stains. People are often interested in how to clean garage floor with muriatic acid, but there are no special rules here.
Best Garage Floor Cleaners
Well, except the safety rule — muriatic acid is a very dangerous material so you’ll have to be careful with it. Glasses and gloves are necessary.

The second type is alkaline cleaners. They are perfect for non-painted surfaces, and they are not as dangerous as the acid cleaners. A cleaner such as this is a very cost-effective solution.

The third type (pH-neutral cleaners) is fine, too. They are not the best choice if the floor is extremely dirty — so if you want to know how to remove old oil stains from garage floor, I can say that they are not the best choice for you.

The 4th type is called bacterial cleaners. They consist of bacteria (or enzyme) that consume the dirt. You don’t need to dilute such cleaners with water — just pour it and wait, that’s all.

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Let’s talk about the top-8 cleaners now

1. ACT Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser – the best garage floor cleaner

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It’s an amazing cleaner that can easily remove oil and grease spots/stains from the concrete. The same is true about animal urine stains and rust — but what you have to know is that it doesn’t clean the dirt immediately.

This ACT product is a microbial cleaner, which means you have to pour it on and to wait for a few minutes, hours, or if the floor is very dirty, several days.

It’s a very good choice if you live in cold weather — this cleaner can work even in the low temperatures, unlike the majority of cleaners. The description says that it can work at -69 F (-56 C), so you can use it even if you live in Alaska!

2. Lestoil Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner

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It’s a perfect automotive shop floor cleaner. Why?

Because when you work in an automotive shop (or own the one), you have two things that must be cleaned almost every day: your floor and your clothes.

Lestoil cleaner is the perfect product for such cases because you can clean everything with it: clothes, concrete floors, walls, car seats, etc. It’s a must-have cleaner in every household, that’s what I can say about it.

But please note that washing white clothes with this cleaner wouldn’t be a great idea. It may damage such clothes, so I recommend not to do it.

3. Concrete and Driveway Cleaner by Terminator-HSD

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It’s another bacterial cleaner, which means it contains special bacteria that clean the surface from all kinds of dirt. It’s really good when it comes to concrete floors, and of course, it copes with oil stains perfectly.

That’s why I think that it’s one of the best options for your garage floor. It’s also a very cheap product and a very economical one — even if you have a lot of old stains on your garage floor, these bacteria know how it should be done.

However, if you are looking for a cleaner that would clean the rust, that’s not the best choice for you, because these bacteria aren’t very good at removing rust.

4. Chomp 52019

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II can’t say too much about this and about the following cleaners. They are good, cheap and they work — so I’ll only mention the details.

Chomp 52019 is good for concrete and brick surfaces. It’s safe because it contains no acid.

I would describe it like this: if you need to remove oil stains from concrete, that’s the best choice. If you want to buy a product that would work well for all the other garage surfaces (like a door, for example) — that’s probably not what you need.

5. EXIMO Concrete Cleaner

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It’s the easiest-to-use cleaner in this list. It’s a waterless bacterial product — just pour it on a stain or a spot and wait until the work is done!

This cleaner is very cheap, very easy to use, very effective and copes very well with the concrete floorings. I recommend it even if you haven’t ever tried bacterial cleaners because it’s really safe and you will have no problems with it. Try right now!

6. Simple Green 13421 Pro HD

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It’s probably the most multifunctional cleaner on this list. Dozens of possible uses (from the kitchen to garage, from cleaning your car to cleaning your shower), low price, good feedbacks — what else do we need?

But here is a little problem. It’s a multifunctional cleaner-for-everything, while the narrow specialization is the key — so if you want something for your concrete garage floor only, I’ve included some better options in this list.

However, if you are looking for one cleaner to clean your car, shower, kitchen, and garage, this one would be a great choice.

7. Oil Eater

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Oil eater eats oil! It’s perfect for the concrete floor in your garage, but it copes perfectly with asphalt, too — as well as with the absolute majority of surfaces.

It’s a very safe product, which means it doesn’t contain any acids and toxic materials.

If you are looking for something perfect, try this one. It’s literally the best oil cleaner on my list.

8. Salt-Away Cleanser

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Do you know how to clean garage floor after winter? You’ll have to remove the salt stains at first, and there are only a few cleaners that cope with that.

This is probably the best of them. This cleaner washes the salt away from almost all types of surfaces, and you want to clean a garage floor after the winter and to repair the floor, damaged by salt, you won’t find a better solution.

That’s not all. You’ll also have to buy a brush, and I highly recommend to pay attention to this one.

It’s one of the most popular mops, and it’s really good — lightweight, 360 spin and perfect for concrete walls. I also recommend buying this brush, because it was designed specifically for concrete floors. With these two, you’ll clean your garage really fast!

What’s the Best Garage Floor Cleaner?

We have a wide selection of floor cleaner choices available on the list here, so choosing the best one is down to what your needs are. But if we were to pick the best one from the list, it’ll be the ACT Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser. It’s easy to apply and very effective when it comes to actually cleaning the garage floor, and since it’s environmentally friendly, you won’t have to worry too much about it causing harm to nature either. 

If you’re looking for cleaning the salt off floors, there’s the Salt-Away Cleanser. The Oil Eater, on the other hand, takes care of oil and grease. If you want something that does a bit of everything, the Simple Green product fits the description perfectly — and so does Lestoil. But looking at more specialized needs, and it’s hard to ignore products like Chomp and Terminator HSD. For stain removal, you can also trust Eximo Concrete Cleaner. Making it even more interesting is the fact that it’s a waterless product, so all you need to do is pour some on the stain and voila!


What’s the best degreaser for concrete?
Garage floors can be subjected to excessive oil leaks and grease stains over time. It’s important to get rid of the floor stains because not only are they an eyesore but are a safety concern as well. Cat litter is one of the common items that can be used for degreasing the garage floor. But if the stains are deep and old, you’d need something more powerful. Various citrus-based degreasers can do the job or even the washable degreasers. The ACT Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser, for instance, can be a good choice.
What is the best concrete cleaner?
Cleaning your garage floor can be a bit intimidating because there’s a lot to move — and obviously, a lot to clean. But thankfully with products like the ACT Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser, life becomes easy. This easy-to-apply, eco-friendly cleaner can cover 100 square feet with just 1lb of the product. It covers almost any stain from oil and grease to antifreeze and mold stains (and more!).
Can I use bleach to clean the garage floor?
It depends on the kind of floor your garage has. If it’s concrete, then bleach shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to move everything – the bleach solution can be harmful to furniture.

How to Clean Concrete Garage Floor

Tools needed

  • Broom
  • Power wash
  • Scrubber

Materials needed

  • Garage floor cleaner

Step 1

Prepping the garage

It’s easy for garage floors to get dirty fast even if you don’t work in the garage every day of the week. Make cleaning part of your routine and you’ll ensure that the garage stays clean and safe. But before we get on with it, it’s time to first prep the garage.

Move everything you can

If you’re cleaning the garage floor, it’s a good idea to clean as much floor as possible. So move everything that can be moved that’s not required at the moment. Your vehicles and jacks are better away from the floor while it’s getting cleaned.

Cover the walls and cabinets

To ensure that cleaning the garage (which will also involve the use of water and various cleaning solutions) doesn’t dirty/damage the walls and the immovable furniture/cabinets, you should cover these with a plastic tarp or something similar.

Step 2

Basic Cleaning

The cleaning procedure varies depending on the type of floor. For this how-to, we’ll look at how to clean a concrete garage floor — one without a coating. Before we get into removing  grease and oil stains, let’s look at the basic cleaning methods.


Loose dirt and grit can easily be removed with the help of a broom. Pick that up and give the garage floor a good sweep. This will also ready the floor for further, more serious cleaning. (A vacuum can work too.) 

Scrub it

The superficial stains can be cleared with the help of scrubbing the concrete floor. Mix the cleaning solution with water and then scrub and scrub again, before rinsing it with water. Alternatively, you can also use a floor buffer and a pressure washer for improved cleaning.

Step 3


Before pulling out the degreasers to help you clean the oil stains and grease marks (you can take a look at the best ones in the list above), let’s look at some DIY methods. Keep in mind that these methods aren’t going to be as effective as the chemical-based cleaners, but they’ll probably be cheaper since you most likely already have the ingredients in your home. If these are fresh stains and therefore not deeply embedded into the concrete yet, try giving one of the below-mentioned methods a shot.

Cat litter

If you have a pet, stains aren’t likely to be a stranger. But did you know you can actually use cat litter to absorb oil stains? The easiest way to get rid of leftover oil or a superficial stain is by spreading cat litter over it. Clay in the litter will absorb the oil and leave the floor looking cleaner. You need to leave it for a few hours — preferably overnight — for it to be effective. If it’s a more serious spill, it can take longer or you might just need a stronger cleaner.


Vinegar can be used to get rid of rust spots. Similar to the cat litter, you just need to let it sit for 10-30 minutes. Then you just need to scrub. Don’t forget to wash away any remaining vinegar with water.

Step 4

Strong Cleaners

Finally, it’s time for the stronger cleaners. You can opt for anything like degreasers/cleaners, concrete cleaners, or poultice. Depending on the type of product, you’ll need to follow the directions for application and removal.


Available as a concentrated solution, the degreasers/cleaners need to be mixed with a predefined amount of water. Then you need to apply it to the stain, scrub the floor, let it sit, and repeat the process. You can manually apply and scrub or even use a power washer for this.

Concrete Cleaners

Slightly more expensive, but effective, concrete cleaners are simple to use. These disintegrate the stain by attacking it at the molecular level and help you get rid of a dirty floor without having to scrub it multiple times.


Another simple choice is poultice. Apply the paste on the stain and let it work its magic on it. Simple to use, and once done, you can sweep it away. That minimizes the use of heavy equipment otherwise required for cleaning oil and grease marks.